by June 11, 2015

hp sprout computer

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From thought to expression” is what HP says happens with the HP Sprout all-in-one PC. One look at the exquisite design of the Sprout tells you exactly why HP could make such a statement.

A product resulting from the collaboration between HP, Microsoft, Intel, and 3M, the HP Sprout is a dual screen console having its own projector above the monitor, a touch screen, and a 3D capable scanner. The 23”, 1080p monitor has a rotating coil called the Sprout Illuminator which contains LED lights, quad camera, and a projector. The Sprout Illuminator projects a 20”, 1024x768p image on the TouchMat which is a capacitive touchpad on the desk.

hp sprout pc touchmat

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The Sprout Illuminator’s 14.6MP camera along with the Intel RealSense 3D camera determines the depth perception to give 3D data. The TouchMat has 20 simultaneous touch points thatcan be used for input. The reaction time is immediate post any sort of input, without any lags, in spite of the projections.

hp sprout pc illuminatory

The Sprout Illuminator doubles up as a scanner too 2D and 3D objects are converted to flat graphics. Later update plans including the Sprout being able to send the 3D images to a 3D printer too. The scanning options make use of HP’s suite of Sprout creative apps to enable it to store and edit the assets. They can be later integrated into Windows 8 apps like PowerPoint.

hp sprout pc keyboard

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The touch screen operates like a regular Windows 8.1 touch screen P.C. The user can attach a mouse and a keyboard and detach the TouchMat if they prefer. The HP Sprout is a boon for designers of all kinds. HP’s MyRoom software works with Sprout and its apps of creativity and allows multiple users to collaborate across multiple platforms like Android Smartphones, Windows Smartphones, and iOS devices. The user can use Skype or other such Windows apps too by switching between their own face and the projector’s camera angle.

As far as the tech specs are concerned, the HP Sprout does not disappoint. It sports a fourth-gen Core i7-4790S processor with 8GB of RAM. It comes with 1TB hard drive space and 8GB of flash acceleration cache. It has brilliant Nvidia GeForce GT745A graphics. The Sprout runs on the latest Windows 8.1 OS. It also incorporates the usual 4 USB ports, HDMI, and Ethernet.

creating paints on hp sprout pc

On the apps front, the HP Sprout PC has its own built- in apps which unfortunately are not many. One of the apps is ‘Create’ which is essentially a painting and collage program. It has partnered with Martha Stewart for the third party app of Martha Stewart Craft Studio.

The HP Sprout PC is truly an amazing design, made to please even the most fastidious of P.C users. It effectively blends the virtual with reality to give the user the best designing experience. Albeit heavily priced at Rs.1,14,000 (approx), for the features and ease of use the Sprout offers, this HP innovation is worth buying if you wish to be a part of the next step in touch technology.