Viber Games : Chat, Call and now Play games with Viber

Viber Games : Chat, Call and now Play games with Viber

Viber Games : Chat, Call and now Play games with Viber

by December 19, 2014


We all may have heard about Viber at some point of time. Along with messaging, video and voice calls, Viber has also added games to its fantastic mobile application. There are some social features in this app that allow users to get connected with their contacts over puzzles and adventures.

The three main game titles that will be available are Viber Wild Luck Casino, Viber Pop and Viber Candy Mania. Viber Candy Mania and Viber Pop have characters that Viber sticker users will recognize as legcat and Violet. Candy Mania is a puzzle game that challenges the gamer to match and collect fantastic candies. Pop is a fantastic bubble shooting adventure game and Wild Luck Casino is offering the wildest video slots on the smartphone with bonuses and free gifts on every day. These games were developed by well-known developers Storm8 and Playtika.

On the technical front, Viber Games is using a new private API, which is called Viber Connect. With this private API, gamers can use their Viber ID and call in contacts to play games. Gamers can also see what other gamers are playing and also send them gifts. The Viber games are being promoted on the Games section that is within the Viber App. You don’t have to pay anything for Viber game app, because it is absolutely free to download and play. Currently, the Viber Game app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Viber Games is now available in Ukraine, Singapore, Israel, Malaysia, and Belarus. Since this is a staggered release of the gaming app, the other countries will have to wait till next month to get the app in their country. Currently, Viber is one of the most widely used messaging apps for mobile phones. With the release of its gaming app, Viber is all set to create a gaming wave in the gaming world.

Since Viber Candy Mania, Viber Pop, and Wild Luck Casino are linked to the Viber account, a user can easily enter these games by using the existing login credentials. There is a dedicated section in the application that will show messages and notifications to the gamer. According to Talamon Marco, the founder of Viber, they are not flooding the market with thousands of apps, but instead they are focusing on a few good games that are designed to perfection.


The gaming version of the Viber App (Viber 5.2) is the social gaming feature that allows gamers to challenge their friends to a dual. Once you have downloaded the game from the Play Store, you will have to log in and enter the world of fantastic gaming. There are many other gaming apps on the Play Store, but there are very few messaging apps that have gaming options. If you are not sure of Viber and its uses, you can check out some reviews of this mobile application and then go ahead to download it. If you already have messaging apps like Whatsapp and Skype, you may not want to download the Viber app. With the additional gaming feature, the Viber app is definitely better than the aforementioned apps. Viber is available for several smartphones and iPhones. We the introduction of new platforms, features and possibilities, Viber lets you to connect with the world. There are several users all over the world with Vibers can text, call, send locations and photos for free with each other worldwide. If you don’t want others to see the gaming activity, then you can disable the status of the current playing on the information screen by following some easy steps such as open the more menu, select settings, choose privacy, and later disable share using app status.