Vertu Signature Touch – The tough competitor of iPhone 6S plus has arrived!

Vertu Signature Touch – The tough competitor of iPhone 6S plus has arrived!

Vertu Signature Touch – The tough competitor of iPhone 6S plus has arrived!

by September 28, 2015

iphone 6s plus vs vertu signature touch

For quite a while now Samsung has been giving a tough time to Apple with its brand new high-end stylish looking Galaxy devices. But, the Korean electronics giant is not the only threat to Apple.

Heard about the new Vertu before? Well, it’s OK if you haven’t. Established by Nokia, Vertu is a manufacturer of luxurious handmade mobile phones, which can cost you as high as 6 lakhs per unit. Did that make you sweat? No wonder, if it did.

vertu signature touch


Vertu recently launched the Signature Touch which is presently slighted as a tough competitor to the new iPhone 6S Plus. Is it that good? A close comparison can help you find out.

SpecificationsiPhone 6S PlusVertu Signature Touch
Display5.5 inch5.2 inch
Operating SystemiOS 9, upgradable to iOS 9.0.1Android 5.1 Lollipop
Processor1.8 GHz dual-core1.56 GHz Cortex A53 / 1.82 GHz Cortex A57 quad-core processor
Internal Memory16 / 64 / 12864 GB
External MemoryExpandable up to 128 GB
Primary Camera12 MP21 MP
Secondary Camera5 MP2.1 MP
Battery2750 mAh Li-Po 3160 mAh Li-Ion

Before we dive in deep into the specifications, let’s talk a bit about the looks. The 6S Plus, just like its predecessor, comes with rounded edges. The Signature Touch, on the other hand, looks quite different from the mainstream touch devices. The most noticeable aspect is the phone’s back-plate with new gull-wing doors that give you access to the nano SIM slot and the microSD slot.

What’s more? Vertu allows you to fully express your personality by helping you get your unique Vertu customized by a single master craftsman who hand-makes it to suit your taste and preferences with their ‘Made To Order’ service!

iphone 6s plus vs vertu signature display size

While the new iPhone comes with an impressive 5.5 inch display, the Signature Touch flaunts a slightly smaller 5.2 inch sapphire crystal screen. Both devices are loaded with the latest operating systems.

Now here is where the iPhone gets a slight beating. The 6S Plus is powered by a 1.8 GHz dual-core processor, whereas the Signature Touch comes in 2 variants, one that packs in a 1.56 GHz and the other with a 1.82 GHz quad-core processor. So, in terms of multi-tasking this master piece of engineering, might hold the edge.

Again, the Signature Touch seems to stand tall with a 4 GB RAM opposed to the 2 GB RAM found in the iPhone 6S Plus. In this case, you would probably want to bet your money on the Signature Touch. Don’t worry, we’ll soon talk about the price, but first let’s finish up with the specifications.

iphone 6s plus vs vertu signature camera

With a 21MP rear camera, the Signature Touch seems to be miles ahead of the iPhone 6S Plus that features a 12MP snapper. However, the 6S Plus grabs the price with a 5MP front-facing camera.

Done with the specifications? Yes, we are. OK, now let’s talk about the best part, the price. Though not confirmed yet, a few reports suggests that the iPhone 6S Plus might cost somewhere around Rs. 80K to 90K, which does sound quite on the expensive side, doesn’t it?

Hold on before you say iPhone expensive. The extraordinary hand-made Vertu device, being a luxury handset is expected to cost somewhere around $9900 to $ 20900 which makes up to whopping Rs. 653,400 to Rs. 13,79,400! ‘Woah!’

You may ask, is it really worth it? But when your phone is embedded with the most brilliant materials, like titanium, ruby, sapphire, finest leather and more, you might want to think again!

To be honest, it is all about owning the best. If you have that extra moolah, go ahead, pick the one that you feel is awesome.

To know more about Vertu Signature Touch CLICK HERE ►►

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