Using Bittorrent Sync for File Synchronization – Convenient, Safe, and Easy

Using Bittorrent Sync for File Synchronization – Convenient, Safe, and Easy

Using Bittorrent Sync for File Synchronization – Convenient, Safe, and Easy

by December 17, 2014

If you want to send heavy videos or photographs from one location to another, you would first think of sending them digitally. The days of the tape drives and CD ROMs are gradually becoming obsolete. Why? Well, the answer is online storage. You may have used Google’s Drive to save and share heavy files. Such online storage is the latest in storage innovation. When you upload your files to Google Drive, you are using their servers to save your files. So, you don’t need any physical drives to save your files. Google Drive is good, but there are limitations on the amount of data your can store on the online Drive. If you have tons of data that need to be stored, you can use Bittorrent Sync.

With BitTorrent Sync – Share Files With As Many Devices


Imagine a scenario where you have taken a very heavy video and you want to share it with your friends who are on the other side of the globe. In fact, with Bittorrent Sync, you can share your files with as many devices as you like, including computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. All you need to do is to select the folder that you need to sync and let the Bittorrent magic do its work. Once the syncing is done, whenever you add any videos or photos to the synced folder, it will automatically get synced on the other devices.

BitTorrent App – Available for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Android Fire Devices


Bittorrent is also very beneficial to people who are on the go with their tablet or smartphone. All they need to do is to download the Bittorrent Sync app from the app stores such as Play Store. Bittorrent Sync is available of Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Amazon Fire devices. When you have a first glance at Bittorrent Sync, you will find that it is very similar to DropBox, but in reality it is not the same. If you have used DropBox, you will find several similarities with the two file syncing services. With Bittorrent Sync, you can sync files and directories across different computers; however, you will not have access to the uploaded files like you have in DropBox.

Your Data Remains Safe

You may have used Bittorrent for downloading movies and other files in the past. The same peer-to-peer concept is used in the Sync version to share files from one device to another device. You can point the Bittorrent Sync application to a directory on your laptop and then share those files with another laptop that you have given the secret password to. Thus, the data or files that you have on the main laptop will remain on that laptop and with the other devices where you have given the access rights. In Bittorrent Sync the files are not uploaded to any third party server which other file syncing programs generally do.

Thus, your data is safe and it can be used in the manner you want. It is like using your own hard drive and allowing access to another computer. Thus, the storage capacity is limited to the storage capacity of your computer’s hard drive.

There are some flipsides of the Bittorrent Sync that should be understood by the users. First and foremost, the home computer in which the files are stored needs to be on at all times. If the home computer is not on, you will not be able to access the files on your external devices.

If people are not familiar with peer-to-peer file sharing software applications, then they may find Bittorrent Sync a little confusing. The other devices that need to access the main files need to install the Bittorrent Sync software. Moreover, they will also need the secret pass code that will be generated by the main application.

With the advent of Cloud technology, software and data have gradually moved to Cloud repositories, which have ushered in massive gains in convenience. With this convenience, users have to live with privacy issues that are inevitable with online or Cloud storage. It has been learnt recently that the NSA has been using the Cloud servers to spy on users for surveillance and monitoring purposes.

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of Cloud storage and Bittorrent Sync, you can take the prudent decision to save your data in the right place.