Twitter For Web Gets A New Look, Dark Mode Set To Improve

Twitter For Web Gets A New Look, Dark Mode Set To Improve

Twitter For Web Gets A New Look, Dark Mode Set To Improve

by January 27, 2019

Twitter, the microblogging platform, has started rolling out a completely new design for its web interface. The new design offers a much simpler, cleaner and neater look. The social networking giant has now opted for a two-column view. It will now focus more on the user’s timeline, user recommendations, and trends. While the designs are being rolled out, users are being asked to opt-in to view the updates. The fresh design brings a set of changes that are a respite compared to its previous layout. The company had started teasing the new design for this layout from 2018 itself.

The redesigned layout for the web is similar to Twitter’s mobile web user interface. However, on the Web, users can use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the interface. The new tweet window that is part of the new layout will enable users to add their favourite emojis to their tweets.

On the right-hand side, users can now see recommendations on the accounts to follow and also the trending topics. Trending topics enables the platform to attract a whole set of new users and is a major attraction for most Twitter users who like to join the platform to stay updated on the latest happenings on their topics of interest.  The redesign has also included advanced search as part of the layout. It will enable users to locate the tweets they want to really see and cut through the clutter of tweets that is not of interest to them.

Twitter’s redesign for the Web does not bring any major features. Users would still not be able to edit tweets or view recently revealed chat bubbles. Twitter is ensuring that the web interface is more in alignment with the expectations of the users who seek a mobile-like interface.

Twitter took to its own platform to roll out a tweet announcing the redesign being rolled out to a select set of users. Users who have the new design available in their account can receive an option to opt-in. To get a response on the new design and the user’s views on the same, we may have to wait for a while as only a few users have seen it currently.

Twitter is also working to improve the dark mode introduced by it in 2016. The company had rolled out a dark mode titled ‘night mode’ but it doesn’t use a true black colour. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has confirmed that they are working on the dark mode by responding to a user with a comment “Will Fix” when asked about it.