Try these 5 Time Saving Apps and get a breather or two

Try these 5 Time Saving Apps and get a breather or two

Try these 5 Time Saving Apps and get a breather or two

by December 14, 2014

Always on the move and wish to stay updated as much as possible. Yes, your smartphone could be your virtual assistant but with some top rated multi tasking apps, you can definitely breathe easy and be very much in tow with your daily grind and life too!!



Definitely a breeze this one, utter! is an offline voice controlled personal assistant which performs without a data connection. Check it out by downloading it on your phone right away and to use it. All you need is to shake or a wave and get going. Of course, you need to customize it by selecting the voice engine and launching it on your mobile. Begin with linking your apps with it and authenticate the app if required. Set utter! to prompt you work on an app or even update you on a pending task. Fitted with well optimized algorithms you can safely work your way around the device using utter! the absolutely no nonsense app which is ever ready to assist you and also with the apps installed on your phone.



Download the Circa if news is very important to you. Stay updated with breaking news of the day and with the happenings that follow by the most accurate coverage possible. With news displayed in the preferred mobile interface, staying in tune does become convenient. In fact, their “Follow” feature offers all the relevant details of the news right from events updates, images, quotes and even stats that you can grasp the gist of it in a couple of minutes.



Wondering how to stay connected with one and all especially when you are loaded with phone numbers, email addresses and other contact details across social media networks and your multiple handsets? Well, its time you sync them and get the in order through the Brewster app. Brewster collates them from your Facebook account, Linkedin, iPhone, Android based smart phones and so on. What more, you can even search them as per details – job, location, school and so on. In fact, it goes a step further to add caller ID photos to your contacts too. Rest assured Brewster performs with a high degree of privacy and customization which you would definitely prefer.



As their tag line says IFTTT works to ‘Put the internet to work for you’. Choose the channels you actually wish to activate and get going about sharing your work on them. On the offer are Twitter, Gmail and even Facebook while being compatible with devices such as Belking, WeMo and Philips. You can now synchronize all your activities in single command and perform even more productively. Create recipes on IFTTT and get going on a much more integrated platform that offers a seamless experience almost every time – involving over the spread of social media or tracking its performance.



Is lack of time preventing you from staying updated with the WWW? For instance, you want read an article or watch a video or found something that catches your eye but cannot spend much time on it? There is no need to be disappointed for save it on your device through the Pocket app and download it to be accessed in the future. In fact, you can access through your tablet, phone and your personal computer even if you are offline!! That’s great, isn’t it? Currently, the Pocket app is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire and even Kobo along with its integration with more than 500 apps including Zite, Flipboard and Twitter.

The utility feature of these apps definitely sounds interesting. You could even download all of them or a couple of them (they are free!!) and check them out for yourself. Power packed with amazing features and interfaces, these apps are simply great.