Trade In Your Green Robot for a Bite of the Apple

Trade In Your Green Robot for a Bite of the Apple

Trade In Your Green Robot for a Bite of the Apple

by March 18, 2015

With the Smartphone market becoming a bloodless battlefield, companies are now coming up with innovative ideas to overpower the competition. In spite of an enviable market share in the mobile market, Apple wants to go even further and lure the millions of Android users across the world into its clientele. And what has it come up with to achieve this dream? Well, if reports are to be believed, a very convenient Trade-in option will soon be offered by Apple wherein mobile users can trade their Android Smartphone for an iPhone.

A trade- in program is not new for Apple. The year 2013 saw it launch a trade-in program wherein US consumers could trade in their old iPhone for credit towards a new Apple product. Subsequently, this program found its way into the U.K and some other European regions. Going a step further in the same direction but with different aspirations, the company will offer gift cards in exchange for the Android handset, which can be used for purchasing a new iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company has seen more Android switchers in the last quarter as compared to any other period in the last three years. According to experts, Apple can afford to accept the Android handsets and get the consumers to switch over as they are sure that the new customer will fall in love with the iOS system and will add to its profits in the long run.

Rumor has it that Apple stores have already started training their staff in analyzing the condition of the Android handset, assessing their functionality to arrive at a value for the particular user’s gift card. They are also being trained to help Android users transfer their data from their Android handset to their new iPhone.

The Android to Apple switch will not only enable the users to experience the iOS world in terms of its Smartphone but also use Apple’s new Watch which can be synced with the iPhone.

The brainstormers at Apple have chosen the perfect time to launch the trade-in program as its biggest competitor, Samsung, will start the sale of its latest Galaxy model, the S6, from mid- April. The S6 is bound to have a tough time convincing potential customers to opt for their Android based phones rather than the premium iPhone.

The battle will continue with Samsung trying to hold onto its market share and Apple trying to make its way into the hands of the Android user. Apple, early this year, claimed to have sold about 75 million iPhones, making it the most profitable year for the Cupertino based company. The next couple of months will determine if it is able to surpass those numbers using its new trade in program or will it falter and let Android rule the customers’ hearts. It remains to be seen if the loyal Android users stick to their little green robot or are swayed by the intimidating, half eaten apple.