Top Cleaning Gadgets That Are a Must for Busy Bodies

Top Cleaning Gadgets That Are a Must for Busy Bodies

Top Cleaning Gadgets That Are a Must for Busy Bodies

by May 16, 2017
Cleaning Gadgets for Busy Bodies

A lot of good cleaning gadgets hit the shelves every year, promising to save our energy and time. Some are a bit tricky to use while some are a bit expensive. Occasionally, we find a few that are very effective and with an appealing budget. When this actually happens, our way of cleaning can completely transform for the better. Following are some such cleaning gadgets that will save your energy and time.

1. Floor cleaning robot

RedHawk floor cleaning robot from Milagrow is 256mm wide and cleans out dirt just similar to a hawk. The appliance is a must for people who have very busy life schedule and can’t find time to clean their house. It contains a large main body dustbin with a 1-litre capacity and a big main cleaning brush, which is largest in the world as per Milagrow. While the cost may look high you can easily use it as your maid’s replacement and justify the cost with her salary savings over 6-8 months.

It is available for Rs.25,990.

2. Floor Sweeper

The Milex DB-0021 Cordless Automatic DustBot Floor Sweeper is a boon for busy people. It comes with 14.4 volts of power to help you thoroughly collect minute particles off from hard and carpeted floors in quick time. Its compact design makes it capable of working under the sofas and it is operated by 4 AA batteries.

It is available on Amazon for Rs.6,289/-

3. Sonic Scrubber

Imagine combining together an electronic toothbrush and a bathroom sponge, and what you get is the highly functional Sonic Scrubber that removes the need for hand scrubbing. It is a very powerful and handy cleaning tool which scrubs at an extremely fast speed of 10 thousand times per minute. It contains an ergonomic non-slip handle in order to grip it at the time of scrubbing. It works amazingly with cleaning solutions. Moreover, it is lightweight, portable and fit well into hard to reach areas.

It is currently sold on Amazon at an MRP of 2,819/-

4. Air Purifier

With an extra-sensitive allergen mode, including 3 automatic settings, the Philips Air Purifier AC2887 from the 2000 series, automatically detects even the smallest amount of increase in allergens and automatically increases air-flow to eliminate these from the air. This product is ideal for medium to large living rooms up to 851 square feet but the lid says it is more suited for an area of around 27 sq. ft. It is 100% ozone free. You can check out air purifier price list (Hyperlink air purifier price list online to get a better idea of the prices and types of products.

Its retails on Amazon for Rs.17,900/-

5. Window cleaning Robot

The WINBOT 730 is award-winning, smart and user-friendly device. You just need to set the microfiber Cleaning Pads on the device, perfectly set the front pad, turn it on, and position it on the window. That’s it.

This window cleaning robot automatically scans and calculates the window’s size and programs a custom cleaning path for the highest efficiency. The Ecovacs Winbot 730 has a sophisticated onboard computer, multiple sensors, and advanced technology, to help it avoid edges and obstacles intelligently while leaving windows and mirrors spotless and shining.

It is available on Amazon for Rs. 41,990/-

So, these were some of the best cleaning gadgets that are essential for the people with busy life schedule. You can choose as per your requirement and budget to make your task free from discomfort and inconvenience.