by January 19, 2016
Top 6 MicroSD Cards 2016

Be it a house or your Smartphone, storage is never enough! If a homemaker is complaining about the lack of storage in the house, you can also see someone grumbling about the limited internal storage on their phone, tablet, or camera. However, thanks to microSD card slot support on many of these devices, you can now supplement your internal storage capacity. If you are looking for the best micro SD cards, read on to know which of these microSD cards are some of the best ones available on the market today:

SanDisk Ultra 64GB

SanDisk Ultra 64GB

Image Source: amazon.com

Nobody will blame you if you mistake the ‘SD’ in ‘microSD’ for ‘SanDisk’… Such is the popularity of the brand that it is almost synonymous with the external storage concept. This particular model of the Scandisk Ultra microSD card supports Class 10 speed, which essentially means that you can transfer or write files at a speed of 80MP/sec. This; is quite a good speed for a Smartphone or tab, but if you are looking to copy something as intense as a 4k video file, then it is wise to opt for a better class of speed.

Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Class 10

samsung evo 16gb

Image Source: shopclues.net

Another popular player in the market is the Korean brand, Samsung. The 16GB variant of the microSD card supports a Class 10 Speed too. You could grab the versatile card at the CompareRaja Group Deals for a flat 51% discount! This means that you get this Samsung product for just Rs.269! You could grab the deal on 20th January from the website when it goes live.

Lexar 128GB MicroSDXC Card

lexar 633x

Image Source: bhphotovideo.com

If you thought you will simply get a microSD card when you buy this Lexar product, then you are wrong! This card comes with a USB flash drive that the card can plug into. This means that if your laptop doesn’t support a microSD card slot, you can simply plug in the card into the USB drive and use it. When it comes to speed, it boasts a speed of 95MB/s when plugged into the flash drive, and by itself, a speed of 20MB/s.

PNY High-Performance 128GB High-Speed MicroSDXC Card

pny 128gb

Image Source: pny.com

The high-speed card supports speeds of 60MB/s. It is a pretty decent speed if you are looking to transfer stuff quickly. The user gets around 110GB of available space on the 125GB variant.

Sony 32GB Class 10 UHS-1 Micro SDHC Card

sony 32 gb

Image Source: alicdn.com

With transfer speeds of up to 70MB/s, this microSD card comes with Sony’s proprietary software which allows the user to retrieve deleted files. The user gets around 24GB of usable space on this card.

SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD Card

sandisk ultra 200gb

Image Source: droid-life.com

The highest possible storage on such a card, this card boasts of a speed of 90MB/s which means that you can transfer about 1200 pictures in under 60 seconds!

With so many brands and capacities available, you may never have to whine about the lack of space on your device again!