Top 6 iOS apps of the year 2014

Top 6 iOS apps of the year 2014

Top 6 iOS apps of the year 2014

by December 9, 2014

When it comes to the best collection of smart apps, Apple App store always has a lot to offer for its users! The store has been tagged as a one-stop destination for some of the most extensive list of apps. These are the best ones you could have in your iPhones.

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Courtesy: Google

Photo Sphere Camera


This was Google’s spherical photo app which was initially launched for Android devices but is now available for iOS as well. This app lets you capture 360 degree images with your iPhone devices and Google has played brilliantly and done a great job with the user interface of the app. You can also edit your images in a unique way and also upload your 360º images to publish them on Google Maps once you’re done shooting.

Telegraph Fantasy Football


The game can never go off our minds no matter what. One of the most exciting soccer game app for iOS, Telegraph fantasy football will put you in the ultimate game action. The app lets you play actively and score live points during the game. You can also form private leagues and supportive ‘elite’ leagues with your friends by actually investing money online! The app lets you win enormously if you play well and choose your teams smartly.

Google Analytics


The most used social media tool which is highly useful to monitor a lot of things. This app happens to be the company’s official mobile version and allows its iPhone users to monitor app and web data from their Apple devices. It includes viewing real-time metrics, delving into audience, acquisition, and behavior metrics. There are a few more Google Analytics apps that offer more features, but we suppose Google has just started up with this one.

Pocket drive


Pocket Drive is an iOS file manager app on iPhone devices. Once you launch the app, your iPhone appears in your Mac folder and windows explorer as an external drive. It enables you to simply drag and drop your files between your iPhone and PC. The app just works amazingly. Pocket drive is the best file manager for IOS devices.

Sleep Better


The smartest iOS app which helps track your sleep cycle. Sleep Better is an alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker from Runtastic. You’re supposed to place your iPhone on the bed with the app running. The app taps your movement during night while you sleep, collects data about how often you get up, twist and turn or get out of bed. In Morning, you’ll be presented with detailed graphs of your sleeping pattern. The app’s alarm functions wake you up on your own self set music or alerts, with full customization options of snoozing. It is completely compatible with iOS 8’s HealthKit so you can view your sleep data conveniently with the health app.



Post the recent release of iOS 8, iPhone devices can now finally support third-party functional keyboards. One of the most popular and widely used of course, is Swype. The keyboard is totally user friendly and hassle-free, as it allows you to enter text by simply dragging and swiping your finger from one key to the next for your desired word. The Swype app also comes with five free themes for iOS devices and works too smoothly.

After giving us a series of some of best apps this year, Apple is perhaps all geared up to now come up with some more highly advanced and smart apps for the Apple devices! We can also expect a few new Smartphone launches by Apple in the coming year, what say?!