by June 2, 2015
google android m

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All you Android fans, and those who want to join that league, Android has some good news for you. That good news is called ‘Android M’. The Moscone Center in San Francisco saw Google lovers gather around on the Thursday to get a look at the new iteration of Android, albeit a developer version which was officially announced at the Google I/O 2015. Read on to find out what are the new features of ‘M’ as outlined by Dave Burke, vice president of engineering at Google…

google android m launch

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  • App permissions

Installing Android M will simplify app permissions and also allow the users to choose the applications as per their choice as well as give them the liberty to either accept or deny permissions as per their discretion. Now, the user will be prompted for permission not during the installation process but when they first use the feature. Burke explained this using WhatsApp as an example. If and when the user wishes to record any voice message, WhatsApp will notify the user for OTP (one time permission) to use the mic. The user can give the permission but doesn’t that is not mandatory. The permissions can later be modified in the Settings.

google andriod m finger print

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  • Fingerprint Support

The new feature will not only allow the user to unlock their Android M run Smartphone but also for shopping and within Play Store apps.

android pay
  • Mobile payments

Google will attempt to make checkout process quicker with its new mobile payment system called ‘Android Pay’. A feature for the users based in the U.S, Android Pay will allow them to pay for products in more than 7, 00,000 stores in the U.S using their existing credit cards.

android m custom chrome tab

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  • Chrome Custom Tabs

The new Chrome Custom Tabs will incorporate the trends in such a way that web content is viewed to provide a much better user- experience while the users are browsing through different websites and applications. An app will be able to open a customized Chrome tab, which will provide a more intuitive navigation between the app and the web. It will support automatic sign- in, auto fill, save passwords, and other security processes to enable better integration of the app and the web.

  • Open with…

Android users will be aware of the ‘Open with’ dialogue box which asks the user which app they wish to use to view the content. The app links in Android M will have more awareness as to which app to open for what kind of content so that the user isn’t repeatedly prompted with such options.

google android m doze mode

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  • Doze” to save battery

The new “Doze” feature help to improve the device’s standby time. It will make use of motion detectors to recognize when the device hasn’t been used for some time. Compared to a Nexus 9 running Android Lollipop, the Nexus 9 running the Android M developer version was able to provide twice the standby time compared to the former. Whilst in the ‘Doze’ mode, the phone will ring the alarms and notify the user of priority notifications.

The complete version of Android M (along with its name) will be unveiled in the third quarter of the year. However, the developer version is available for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player.