Top 5 Tips on Saving Money While Shopping Online

Top 5 Tips on Saving Money While Shopping Online

Top 5 Tips on Saving Money While Shopping Online

by August 17, 2012

What’s so special about online shopping? Why is everyone these days so obsessed with the trend? Of course, shopping online does save time, but that is obviously not the only factor causing millions across the globe to switch over to online shopping.  Discount is one of the major reasons why many prefer online shopping. But, wait a minute. You cannot just visit any online store and hope for a discount that saves you a fortune. Listed below are five quick tips that can help you save immensely while you shop online.

1.Grab the right deal
Almost every deal or a discount offered online is highly tempting. If you have shopped online before, you will surely agree with that, won’t you? Now, here is what you need to do. Grab what you exactly want. There may be times when you may not be able to find a desirable deal right away. So, do not just opt for another deal that seems to be quite close to what you actually need. Wait for a while. Sign up for newsletters at multiple online stores, and you will be alerted via an e-mail every time a promotional offer pops up.

2.Did you compare?
Compare the prices online before you settle down for a deal, and the best way to do this is by visiting a comparison website which allows you to compare the price of your desired product at different stores. As a result, you don’t have to visit store after store hoping to find the best price.
CompareRaja is one of the most popular comparison websites that allow you to compare product prices at different stores. If you are Google Chrome or a Mozilla Firefox user, you would want to download the CompareRaja Genie Browser Add on – an effective tool that helps you compare prices while you shop online, without leaving the site.

3.Discount coupons can help
Discounts, no matter how huge, always seem to be too little, isn’t it? So, if you are not quite happy with the discount offered by your online store, sign up at an online coupon directory. These directories hold an enormous database of discount coupon codes from several merchants. All you need to do is choose your coupon codes and redeem them while you shop. The discount is sure to make you happy. CouponRaja is the best place to search for your desired coupons. Type in the name of the product or the store, and the website will leave you with a list of codes related to your search. Compareraja Genie, the price comparison browser add on also provides coupon codes of the website you are on without leaving the size.

4.Watch out for the shipping cost
Before you make a purchase, make sure you thoroughly go through the shipping policies of the store. Some stores offer free shipping while others charge a specific fee. At times the shipping fee exceeds the actual cost of the product. Therefore, it is wise to know about the shipping charges before you get into a deal.

5.Shop at the right time
Festive season is the best time to shop online. Apart from heavy discounts, many stores also offer a free gift on selected products. However, make sure you place your order at least a week prior to the occasion, as it may take a few days for the product to be delivered at your residence. Numerous online stores also offer an off season discount – sometimes as high as 50 percent. So, you probably have a good reason to shop online, don’t you?