Don’t Fret Over the Sweat Anymore – Bring Home These Awesome AC’s Under 25K

Don’t Fret Over the Sweat Anymore – Bring Home These Awesome AC’s Under 25K

Don’t Fret Over the Sweat Anymore – Bring Home These Awesome AC’s Under 25K

by May 7, 2016
Top 5 Split ACs under 25000

Oh Damn! I hate this heat, Gosh, I am sweating like a pig… well these are probably your most frequently used lines these days (You agree right?). And, it is quite understandable too. We at CompareRaja empathize with you (we too crib about the extreme heat) and would advise you to take cover in your air-conditioned harems (read home/office) for as long as you can. But, that is not all we are going to leave you with, here in this blog we also suggest you the top 5 air-conditioners under 25000 (Split AC’s) in the market that you can consider installing at your home or office to get respite from the sweltering heat (Just in case you don’t have one, yet).

Hyundai HSP33 GO1 QGE 1Ton 3 Star Split AC | Price – INR 19,900 (Approx.)

hyundai hsp33 split ac

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We all know Hyundai AC’s are known to deliver top-class performance and yet they are quite easy on the pocket, the Hyundai HSP33 GO1 model is no exception. This 1 tonne split AC model is just perfect for small rooms. The super-fast fan speed and the different cooling settings allow you to adjust the cooling temperature to suit your need and ensure that you have a cool, comfortable and pleasant living/working space. The auto restart, anti-bacteria filter and self-diagnosis features are a great boon; the AC automatically detects the outside temperature and adjusts the cooling to keep the air inside your home cool, fresh, healthy and pleasant.

Lloyd LS 13A3FX Split AC | Price – INR 21,990 (Approx.)

lloyd ls 13 a3fx split ac

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Lloyd is one of the most popular and an internationally acclaimed brand, which is known for offering top-notch AC’s that are equipped with the latest technological features. One of the significant features of this model apart from keeping the air inside your home cool for a long time is its anti-bacteria filter that lets you breathe clean, healthy and fresh air. The LED display unit is another added benefit, which lets you know the exact settings of the AC and change it accordingly to suit your needs. Last but not the least, another amazing feature of Lloyd LS 13A3FX is its dehumidification feature, which reduces the humidity in the air and lets you enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep all night.

Panasonic CS CU UC12RKY2 1.0 Ton 2 Star Split AC |Price – INR 20,490 (Approx.)

panasonic cs cu uc12rky2

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This Split AC model from the Panasonic house has a unique design, which is like no other. The cube design is not only aesthetically appealing but also, it would add charm to your home decor. The 2 Ton Panasonic AC is the right choice for both home and office, especially if you live in an area where the humidity level is extremely high. The noise removal and moisture removal features of this model not only delivers cool breeze all across your home but also keep the air inside pleasant for a long time. Although the model has only two energy rating stars, rest assured, it will be easy on your pocket in terms of saving energy bills.

Onida SO9FLT-N3 Split AC | Price – INR 21,769 (Approx.)

onida SO9FLT-N3 split ac

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If you are looking for the best and the most cost-efficient AC to cool your small room, this model would be your ideal choice. Its classic design and powerful performance would surely leave you satisfied with your choice of perfect AC. Onida SO9FLT-N3 Split AC comes with dust filter and dehumidification feature. It has a 2-star energy rating that ensures you save power and consequently save on your energy bills each month.

Kenstar KSM35.WN1 Split AC | Price – INR 22,000 (Approx.)

kenstar ks m35 wn1 split ac

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Kenstar is known for offering some of the best Split ACs under this category. This Kenstar’s 1-ton model is the best choice for home use. Equipped with all the basic features such as dust filter, anti-bacteria removal and dehumidification, you can expect from any modern day AC, this AC model is sure to cool your home and delight your heart. The 5-star energy ratings is a big bonus too, it helps you save on your energy bills every month. Last but not the least, the device comes with one year warranty for the unit and 4 years warranty on the compressor.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home these ACs and experience cooler summer this year!