Top 5 Reasons why you should download CompareRaja Genie

Top 5 Reasons why you should download CompareRaja Genie

Top 5 Reasons why you should download CompareRaja Genie

by December 6, 2015
compareraja genie addon

Imagine having a secret informant, telling you about where to buy, from where and who is offering the lowest prices? Your personal genie, maybe?? Sounds like a fantasy? Well, it’s not. This genie is real, and no you don’t have to rub lamps to find him. It’s much easier than that. This CompareRaja genie is available as a web add-on for your browser. All you have to do is download the add-on and let the magic happen. You can do this from the official CompareRaja website. It helps you to compare products and their prices on different online retail stores on a single platform and makes sure you get the best deal on the best product.

Wondering why should you get this genie? Here is why you should…

1. It’s available for free.

Compareraja genie free addon

It helps you to save money and you don’t have to spend any on it. You think it can get better than that? The add-on is available on the website for free and you can easily download it. It is an amazing price comparison tool and is always at your aid whenever you shop online.

2. 100% secure

100% secure browser


It’s the safest genie around. The add-on is a 100% secure and has no ad-ware or spy-ware. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary ads.

3. Non-intrusive

smart notification

Unlike Aladdin’s genie, this one is really smart and will notify you only when information is available. It doesn’t disturb with silly notifications or alerts that are not really useful to you when you’re working. Set alerts and make sure you don’t miss out on your desired product.

4. Use it anywhere

Like a true friend, this one will be there where ever you shop. You can use any website and use the add-on simultaneously. They have a huge list of online retail stores that they provide information about including Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and more.

5. Accurate information

compareraja addon

It uses information in real time, thus the details you see are from the latest available data. We make sure you don’t get information that’s a week old. With deals that pop up every other hour and different prices on different stores, we make sure you get all the information that is 100% accurate. The add-on helps you to set alerts on products and different coupons available on your purchase.

This genie is determined to help you save money, and it’s going to do just that. Downloading the add-on is easy. Just follow these steps!

download compareraja genie

1. Visit CompareRaja

2. Download using the ‘download add-on’ link

3. Click on allow

4. Install

5. Restart your browser

These 5 extremely easy steps will help you save money every time you shop. It’s really simple and will not really take a lot of time, or money. There’s nothing you have to give and yet so much that you’ll get! Every time you shop you can be sure that you are making a wise decision. It helps you to evaluate all the pros and cons of a product before you spend on it. Go get the add-on now!

If you are still not sure whether you should download the add-on or not, you would like to hear from our CompareRaja Genie fans. Here are some of the reviews our fans posted on Facebook!

  • Mind blowing chrome app of CompareRaja, makes product selection on Flipkart so easy, trust me, you guys have created a masterpiece, if marketed well, it can really benefit users! Superb! Please bring (browser addon) for internet explorer 8, 9, Actually I had forgotten about your add on after playing contest few days back, but today when I went to Flipkart, I saw coupons and compare price option automatically.. Mast.. mast, keep up the good work 🙂 – Hitesh Ratnani 

  • Compareraja Awesome Extension developed by you people I must say..Just searched about the battery on Flipkart and the extension showed up with great discounts and coupons… Really admire you people for such hardwork and dedication…Providing everyone with discounts…I am Impressed…Keep up the Good Work Guys..:)) – Sagar Khachroo

  • Mind blowing firefox app of compare raja, makes product selection way too easier. This is it !! – Nikhil Melwani

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