Top 5 Must Read Books for Women

Top 5 Must Read Books for Women

Top 5 Must Read Books for Women

by December 5, 2014


How about ditching a few best-sellers and checking out some virgin and lesser known collection of awesome books? For all you women who are reading this, we give you a list of some interesting books which you should definitely read! Here you go!


• Anamika By Soorina Arora


If you’re fond of deep, philosophical and touchy love stories, Anamika is sure to capture your mind and senses while you go on turning pages. It is basically an adolescence love story which has been put in words brilliantly by the writer. Anamika, a lovely looking teenager falls in love with Rajbir who is twice her age and the love story unwinds beautifully. The book will show you a clear picture in front of your eyes about each and every scenario wherein, you shall feel you’re a part of Anamika’s life and have been facing the blissful romance and those butterflies-in-the-stomach moments along with her.

A Room of One’s Own! By Virginia Woolf

a- room- of-ones-own

Any independent woman or a soon-to-be working and aspiring to be independent woman should have a look at this amazingly written book by Virginia Woolf. The author has written it from a sophisticated feminist’s point of view that gives no damn to the entire world and is completely focusing towards her own secured life. This book has to be a must read for all you ladies who are self-focused. The story is about being independent as a woman and that you got to have your own room and money. Basically your own accommodation and financial powers!

The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison


Racism continues even today in our society and we all are aware of it as well. Hence it is highly important to have a tough approach towards racism by avoiding discrimination. Every woman should surely read The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, as it is a story of a poor dark skinned girl who tries to stand strong in spite of being ill-treated by the society for her black skin, because all that is ideally welcomed is, fair skin and blue eyes!

The Complete Claudine, By Colette


We all have that mysterious and mischievous little bad girl within us, who always shows up during a few situations! Isn’t it? Colette has been tagged as one of the most badass, daring and a bold writer (You’ll know if you’ve read her other books!) Her persona truly reflects in her writing without any doubt. The book talks about Claudine’s complete journey from being a 15 year old little brat to growing up as a married woman. Sounds exciting, right?

You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down By Alice Walker


This is what an aura of a vintage book has to be like! Even after years, Walker’s writing still strikes a chord with us. The writer’s politically ‘correct’ and logical stories are always bang-on! This book has a volume of characters from different verticals and professions who have their own beliefs and notions. Where does a woman’s role come into picture in the book? Well, you got to read it to find that out..!!

So, don’t forget to pick-up these interesting series of books. Happy reading!