Top 5 must read books based on real life incidents

Top 5 must read books based on real life incidents

Top 5 must read books based on real life incidents

by February 16, 2015

In a world where fiction has more appeal than reality, it is difficult to come across books that are written based on real life incidents. Even more difficult is finding such books that are written well. However, below is a list of 5 books based on real life incidents that you must add to your “to read” list:-

  • The Siege: The Attack on the Taj– Cathy Scott-Clerk and Adrian Levy

The book is an account of one of the most horrendous and terrifying events that Mumbaikars bore witness to. Written in surprising detail and accuracy, the book states the facts surrounding the tragedy that began on 26th November 2008 and lasted for 68 hours. The book reads like a thriller with the reader sitting on the edge as the details of the event unfolds. The book was bestowed with the ‘CWA Nonfiction Dagger Award’ for its brilliant writing.

  • The Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank

Hundreds of books have been written about the Holocaust but none have been as heartrending as this insightful diary of a 13 year old Jewish girl who was forced to live in hiding with her family for two years during the cruel period of anti- Semitism. The girl’s experience have been recorded with such vividness that the reader cannot help but feel overwhelmed at the condition of the those living in hiding during those tumultuous times. The book is an unfortunate yet necessary reminder of the mayhem that engulfed the world, especially Europe during the Second World War.

  • A Mighty Heart– Mariane Pearl

The book revolves around an event that truly shook the world in terms of the lengths to which humanity could steep to achieve its radical goals. The book is the recollection of a wife who was left alone, pregnant in Karachi by terrorists who kidnapped and brutally killed her journalist husband, and her fight to search for and rescue her husband. A true story of loss with a backdrop of international political, social, and religious conflict, this book will leave you feeling perturbed yet inspired by the grit of Mariane.

  • Twelve Years a Slave– Solomon Northup

This memoir of a freeman from New York begins in Saratoga, New York with his being kidnapped and sold into slavery. The book is an account of his years as a slave and the ruthless treatment that he had to endure during his captivity. Adapted into an Academy Award winning film, the book is a historic piece giving details of the injustice and unfairness of a 19th century America.

  • Freedom at MidnightLarry Collins, Dominique Lapierre

The carefully put together book gives an elaborate and brilliant account of the events leading up to the independence of India, the Partition of India and the following bloodbath, the political battles fought by the princely states of India, and finally ends with the assassination of the ‘Father of the Nation’- Mahatma Gandhi. This riveting book is a must read for anyone who is interested to know how the birth of this great independent nation came about.