Top 5 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

Top 5 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

Top 5 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

by November 10, 2014

Mobile technology has improved in leap s and bounds. Be it the revolution of high speed mobile internet or the phone being used as a full on digital camera substitute, smart phones are a part of our fast life. Now, with the rising popularity of photo apps, the user is the one who is benefiting. Why? Well, there are a plenty of options from which one can choose from. Now the photo editing app market is a scattered one. However, there are some apps that have emerged as most popular photo editing apps. Let’s pick up the top 5 ones that are doing wonders in this market.


Instagram (Platform: Android, iOS)

If you are a smart phone user, this exceptional photo editing application does not need any introduction. This is because this application is so popular that we presume that you have heard about it. Instagram is a fast, user friendly photo editing app. Its hassle free usage is so user friendly that even a small kid can make photos look better! Besides these, Instagram comes with a strong set of filters and many other editing tools that hold the capability to make the worst of pictures look fabulous! Right from making pictures look sharper, clearer, grainer to providing a vintage look, Instagram provides the user a fantastic photo editing experience. Further, this app lets the user to crop images, insert borders, available in many fancy designs and most importantly, it connects you to all photo lovers around the world, who have this smart app in their smart devices. This app is a socially active one, letting people follow each other and even allows you to comment on uploaded pics! So, if you are a social network buff, Instagram is the right app for you to showcase your photo editing skills to the world.


Popkick  (Platform: iOS)

If you love to create funky, wild and digital art then this application is meant for you. The word ‘pop’ in its name has been truly justified in its functionality. The first of its kind, a new technology has been used by this application that lets you transform pictures into pure art, with rich colors along with a modern touch. Popkick has earned accolades for its capability to turn ordinary images into funky neon art with a pop look. This excellent photo editing applications provides a range of pop filters with five outstanding filter enhancements. Owing to the usage of latest technology in its development, this app has a brilliant user interface, ensuring complete satisfaction to the user. With social media having become a slice of our daily life, Popkick allows you to share your pictures on various social networking sites. So, if pop is appealing to you, checking out this app is a must.


Snapseed (Platform: Android, iOS)

This app is one of the most famous editing apps, which was launched back in 2011. One of the reasons that helped it to taste success in no time since its launch was its capability to edit a portion of the image or even the entire picture in detail. This application like the other photo editing apps, has common editing tools, like the auto-correction feature. This feature, if used properly can do wonders in adjusting the brightness, contrast, texture, and color in a very precise way. Further, other elements of an image can be edited graciously as this application is developed keeping in mind the basic rules of photography. It also has a simple slider for fine tuning. Snapseed allows the user to upload edited photos on Google+ and is hailed as a user friendly photo editing app by all.



Camera + (Platform: iOS )

This fascinating photo editing application is a treat for iOS users and is termed as an ultimate replacement camera for them. One of the best features of this application is the focus as well as the touch exposure feature that gives user the freedom to ensure a complete customized look of the concerned image. Even if it is too dark or too much light, this app makes appropriate adjustments to come up with the best results. This amazing application lets the user to choose from several shooting modes such as the burst and point and shoot. So, if you want your photos to breathe a new life, Camera+ app is a good option to opt for.



Adobe Photoshop Express (Platform: Android, iOS)

Last but not the least; Adobe Photoshop Express is a hot favorite photo editing app among photo lovers. This application from the house of Adobe is immensely popular that serves as an entry level photo-edit application for beginners. The Adobe Photoshop Express has features like auto-fix and one-touch filters that ensure quick edits whereas on the other hand, users are equipped with slider controls that enhances the image view by making adjustments in the shadows, contrasts, exposure and more. All in all, this is an easy to use application and can give you satisfactory results.


There are lots of people, who are photo buffs! They love taking pictures, whenever and wherever they like. For them, using a photo editing application has become quite common. So now when you know about the best, stop waiting and just the grab the best one, suited for your needs.