Top 5 Free Gaming Apps For iPhone Users

Top 5 Free Gaming Apps For iPhone Users

Top 5 Free Gaming Apps For iPhone Users

by September 16, 2014

Gaming apps are not just limited to the children now, everyone from youngsters or adults, man or woman and boys or girls. Nowadays everyone spends their leisure time in playing these games. It is not wrong to say that it becomes a passion rather than just a hobby. No doubt, iPhone has made it possible and has widened its scope. Everyday, lots of new gaming apps or old with small or large variations are developed just to attract users and make them hooked on to their phones.

Though there are numerous free gaming apps available there are certain apps that will entertain you and keep you engaged. It’s true that you are not paying for these apps but you are giving your valuable time in downloading and trying out the new software. Luckily, we have some interesting quality gaming apps that will help you to kill your time and be engaged for fun. Let’s have a look at the top five free gaming apps.

dead-trigger1) Dead Trigger 2: It is a 2013 multi-platform first person shooter which brings back the rootin’-tootin’ first-person-shootin’ to the zombie apocalypse. The game was released for Android and the iOS devices on 23 October 2013. Just like its original predecessor Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 is a single-player zombie-themed shooter. This is the best for those who are looking a high-quality shooter for their iPhone and have hardly time to find something like this.
While utilizing the Unity game engine, it features a progression system, numerous environments, unlockable and upgradable weapons and various story-based and quick-play mission types. It is a free-movement shooter rather than the on-rails gameplay typical of mobile zombie shooters. The fast and natural auto-fire mechanism helps you in focusing on moving and aiming. Moreover, a robust hideout and crafting system provides you assistants to build stuff for you, though it takes time. It is constantly evolving and expanding which makes games even more enjoyable. So just enter in a dark world where humanity is engaged in the ultimate battle for survival in the face of a global Zombie apocalypse.

dungeonhunter42) Dungeon Hunter 4: A latest release from Gameloft brings the best action-RPG gameplay for iOS and Google Play. Being a fast paced action, you can play it like butter. The extensive single-player campaign will enable the players to hack and slash their way, gather loot and gear and level up their abilities. Further, you would be able to take the flight into online multiplayer in both ways co-operatively and competitively. It will mysteriously gift you tremendous new power and skills without harming you from the battle. The graphics are designed in such a way that you will definitely suck into the world, particularly during the boss battles.

Galaxy-on-Fire-2-Full-HD3) Galaxy on Fire 2: Galaxy on Fire 2 or GoF2 being the second game set in the Galaxy on Fire universe has tremendous improvements from the former one.  It is a rich, exciting, wide-open RPG perfect for sci-fi fans. The Galaxy on Fire 3D provides you very good features like more extensive campaign and trading system along with its addition of new weapons and equipment, additional mission types and hidden systems and blueprints. You can do lots of trading, fly their ship through the game universe even when not on a mission, upgrade your ship and purchase new rides with the riches you amass.

depeche-mode-nella-soundtrack-del-nuovo-video-game-injustice-gods-among-us4) Injustice: Gods Among Us:  Based on fictional universe of DC Comics, this fighting game introduces a battle where Heroes and villains of the DC universe will fight against each other and engage in it on a massive scale. During the game, the heroes will get higher levels and also upgrade themselves with new abilities. NetherRealm Studios has developed it.  Its exceptional and unique graphics makes it great especially for those players who love fighting and comic.

realracing3thinkios5) Real Racing 3: A racing game full of entertainment was released for iOS and Android on 28th February 2013. The players will enjoy the real branded name cars. Its asynchronous multiplayer system records the lap times from your friends. Further, over time players will get new cars and can also upgrade various parts with their winnings. As compare to previous real racing, it includes various features like eleven licensed tracks, a twenty-two car grid and ninety-five officially licensed cars from twenty-four manufacturers. It’s really a very attractive game which gives racing experience to everyone, everywhere.

All these gaming apps are really full of fun and excitement which entertains you a lot and also are worth your leisure time. So just enjoy and take experience of all these free gaming apps.

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