Top 5 Budget Gadgets to gift your sister

Top 5 Budget Gadgets to gift your sister

Top 5 Budget Gadgets to gift your sister

by August 28, 2015
rakhi gift ideas for sister

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One of the most awaited days of the year for any brother & sister duo, Rakshabandhan is a remarkable way of showing that the relation shared by the two siblings is much more than just fighting over the TV remote control, shamelessly grabbing that last slice of pizza, or pulling each other’s hair during a fight! Rakshabandhan is the day when a brother promises his sister of his everlasting and unconditional support and protection whenever she needs it.

A simple rakhi and a tika are enough to seal the promise, with sweets to mark the occasion. Sometimes, a brother may wish to further show his love for his sister and a gift or two might be in order! And which sister can say a “no” to a present from her doting brother? Be it a younger brother or an older one, we list some gifting ideas that could be a tangible way of showing just how much the brother loves his sister…

Cleansing Brush

elle clinique sonic system

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Which girl does not like to be pretty? And which brother has not been exasperated while waiting for his sister to finish with her beauty regime? Knowing how important all this is to her, this Rakshabandhan, you could gift your sister Elle’s ‘Clinique Sonic System’ which is a cleansing brush for her face. It will gently purify her skin and make her look refreshed. It costs about Rs. 7500 and is totally worth the price.

elle braun face gift for sister

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If not this, you could gift her Elle’s Braun face’, a small epilator and cleansing brush from Elle. However, take caution as you may need to attend to your duty as a protective older brother if she steps out looking that beautiful! 


kindle paper white

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If reading is your sister’s passion, then gifting an e-book reader such as Kindle is a good idea. This way she gets to keep up with her voracious reading while you get to take the TV remote that we’ve been talking about! It’s a win-win all the way!

Smartphone or Tablet

smartphone to gift sister on rakhi

You could also gift her new a smartphone or a tablet of her choice. These little gadgets are essential today, and gifting her one will only add you to her list of ‘favorite people’ if you are not already on it! A Lenovo K3 Note or Mi 4 or Moto X2 is available for about Rs. 10000.You may also wish to gift her a few accessories like a phone cover to go with the Smartphone.

Hair styling kit

philips hair styling kit

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You could also surprise her with a hair styling kit from Philips or Vega (Rs. 1500- Rs. 3000) replete with an ironing rod and a hair curler, which helps her sport different looks. If you wish to do a bit more, throw in a couple of hair nourishing creams or conditioners.


sony pink headphones

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For your music loving sister, a great pair of headphones from Sony or Skull Candy (about Rs. 700- Rs. 1500) will ensure that she can listen to her music whenever she wants, wherever she wants. If you’re looking for another reason to buy her these, think about how much less noise your home sound system will make when she wants to listen to her favorite love songs!

Make sure you add to your album of memories this Rakshabandhan not only by gifting these presents to your lovely sister but also by showing her how much you truly care for her…