Top 5 Brands Offering Running Shoes

Top 5 Brands Offering Running Shoes

Top 5 Brands Offering Running Shoes

by February 16, 2015

Fitness freak or not everyone ought to have a pair of running shoes, and good ones at that. Some shoes are comfortable and sturdy, lasting for a long time while some others are merely a pain to the aching heels and foot.

Sometimes it is not just the shoe that makes a difference but the brand too. What suits one might not be comfortable to another, despite the shoes and brand being the same. Leave the worries aside and take a look at these few famous brands that offer style, comfort and great flexibility to minimize the aching feet and pains caused by running for long hours.


Nike is a world famous footwear manufacturing company founded in 1964. Be it sneakers, sport shoes or slippers. Right from mainstream running shoes to the ones just for mild running in your park, Nike has it all. Nike Lunar Tempo running shoe for both men and women is a widely rated. Although the names of the shoes maybe same the colour, size and comfort differs in both the men and women shoes yet the performance factor remains the same.


Reebok International Limited is one of oldest shoe manufacturers. Founded in 1895, England it has been a subsidiary of the German group Adidas since 2005. Reebok is famous for athletic shoes, accessories and clothing. Reebok offers men, women and unisex running shoes and all are at an affordable price with no compromise on their quality.


Another good but not so known brand is, Saucony it is an American athletic shoes manufacturer that specializes in running shoes and other running apparels. Shoes manufactured by this brand are solely for runners and are creative in both their look and performance. It manufactures both male and female shoes that come with a good cushioning for maximum comfort for runners. Saucony Triumph ISO for females is one out of the variety of shoes; it is excellent when it comes to comfort.


Adidas is a German multinational company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of sports shoes, clothing and accessories. It is widely renowned for its football oriented ads featuring Messi, Saurez, Alves to name a few; catering to the aggressive nature of running and the output these shoes guarantee. Men oriented advertisements don’t make Adidas a male oriented brand; it focuses even on the women and kids running and training shoes.


Yonex is a Japanese sport apparel and shoes manufacturer. It is a very famous brand and many world famous championships use their accessories, right from racquets to shoes. Yonex solely focuses on Golf, Tennis and Badminton oriented shoes and stuff, with the latest addition as running shoes. Yonex aims to reduce knee injury and offer maximum comfort to the wearer. These shoes are little expensive but are available for both men and women and can be purchased online.