Top 5 Brands Offering Denim Jeans in India

Top 5 Brands Offering Denim Jeans in India

Top 5 Brands Offering Denim Jeans in India

by February 16, 2015

Young, adolescent or older, irrespective of age and gender jeans are the one clothing item that is present in every wardrobe. Cotton or denim? The vote unanimously goes to denim, through the ages there have been different types of denim; right colour coding to different styles and sizes. Skinny-fit, printed ones, high-waist, low-waist, straight et al. the list is endless. With these different styles are associated different brands. Which one offers better denim, in price, size and durability?


Levi Strauss & Co. is an American company more popularly known as Levi’s all over the globe. It is known for offering casual and relaxed style jeans for both men and women. Though Levi’s offer a wide range to choose from, regular fit to slim fit and different shades too black, grey, blue, indigo etc, some of the most popular ones are the slim fit ones for men and skinny fit for women. The price range though is slightly high, it more than makes up for is superior quality fabric and fit.


Wrangler basically means a person who handles animals, so it can be said the jeans handle the person you are. It’s an American manufacturing company owned by VF Corporation that also owns brands like Lee, JanSport and others. Though not a very popular brand, it offers awesome fabric and comfortable jeans. Available for both men and women these styles are basically same like many but it is the comfort and the durability of wearing it rough and tough that sets it apart from the rest.


Killer jeans are for the suave and stylish, got a party to attend after work and no time to change? Wear Killer denims and knock everyone out, suited as both a regular and party wear, a pair of Killer denim is a must have in your closet. Not only are these stylish but even affordable and available easily.

Lee Jeans

Not very lean and don’t know which jeans to choose from? Lee Jeans is the answer. Another leading brand that passionate jeans lovers have tried, Lee Jeans dates back to 1889, Kansas. The way the denim is cut out and made it suits every body type. Some of the trendiest denims come from this brand, both sections men and women.


Italians have always been classy, and this Italian brand doesn’t defy it in any way. Who hasn’t heard the name Diesel? Everyone has! This is the one brand that is usually sported by celebrities to rough biker dudes. There is something for everyone. Some of the latest style ranges are bootcut, straight leg and slim fit. Although these are a little on the expensive side the upside of them is the design and fit is very comfortable.

Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans London is denim and a casual wear jeans brand that is known for its excellent quality and a amazing price. It has a very classic appeal to it despite the casual nature of it. Go for it if you’re looking for comfort all the time.

Well now you know, which denim brands to go for so take your pick and look fashionable every time you step out.