Top 5 Best Android Apps of the year 2014

Top 5 Best Android Apps of the year 2014

Top 5 Best Android Apps of the year 2014

by December 3, 2014

You may have been inundated with a relatively long list of apps and wondering which ones to download. Of course, not all apps have reached the top ranks but nevertheless some of them have become quite popular and downloaded in huge numbers. To make things relatively easy for you, we bring forth our selection of best Android apps for 2014 across health, entertainment, image editing along with one which helps you access work related data too.



A free to play app, QuizUp is one popular app offering interesting trivia games spanning numerous topics. With more than 220,000 questions across 400 topics to choose from, you can always enjoy a fun session or two with your friends in real time. You can even chat with other players, have discussions and try to keep up with top rankers too!! Keep discovering trivia….



Oh! This one is just too awesome. Ingress takes you to a new platform of mystery, competition and intrigue across the global. Seek out to control a newly discovered energy discovered by a team of European scientists or else it will soon control humanity. As you play, watch the challenge becoming more competitive between The Englightened who are receptive towards the new energy while The Resistance who struggling and clinging to what is still left of the human world.

Photoshop Touch for Phone


Love posting images on your social media channels? Take care to use the Photoshop Touch for Phone from none other than Adobe. This official imaging app allows you to edit your images across layered PSD documents, import fill textures and much more. What more you can sync the images with your other devices and continue editing across your tablet, desktop and more through the cloud support it offers. Though a paid app, this one is definitely a boon of photographers and image enthusiasts.

Weight Watchers Mobile

weight watchers

Looking out for an app which helps you to watch your weight? Rely on none other than Weight Watchers Mobile. Into 5 decades of helping customers with easy to follow diet tips and plans, losing weight can no longer be considered a burden as their app is very much helpful. Offering its customers a great deal of flexibility in what and when to eat, their key to weight loss lies in the size of portions consumed by them. The Weight Watchers Mobile lets its customers not only follow and keep track of their diet but also of their exercise plans and schedules, search for healthy recipes and cooking tips and also get in touch with other Weight Watcher members within your area.



Facing issues handling data while you move from office to home or while on the move then Dropbox is the must have app. Download the Dropbox app and access the required files from any location does make things very convenient. This is not all, use the Dropbox to upload photos from your phone and find them on your desktop without much hassle – especially no wire to connect for data transfer. Dropbox works in perfect sync with your multiple devices – laptop, tablet, phone and computers at home and at your workplace…..Simplifies your tasks a great deal…right?

Intrigued by our mixed bag of best Android apps? Do go ahead and download them to become a true smart user of smartphone…. Stay tuned for more updates on user friendly apps!!