Top 5 amazing soccer games for your smartphone

by November 26, 2014

Watch-outThe Smartphone era has evolved and revolutionized to a great extent now. Right from the amazing camera features, to gaming apps, photography apps and lots more. The technological advancements have done it all. You even have specific gaming phones which are truly designed for active gamers. Like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and a few others. So, If you are an ultimate gamer and enjoy playing football on your phone or on the field for that matter, these are some of the most exciting soccer games you definitely would love.



(Available On Android,iOS)

The exclusive new FIFA 15 features a whole new fresh level and series soccer games. As you play, you shall get to explore new concepts such as Squads, kick-strikes, friendly seasons, loan players and lots more. So go, get ready to kick those goals and experience the ultimate football fever on your smartphones! Check out the new FIFA 15. Along with these new features the FIFA 15 presents amazing visuals and graphics on tablets and special clicks and swipes optimized for smartphones. Lets you experience authentic football action. Also try out the ‘Casual Control’ buttons to shoot, pass or sprint the ball towards your opponent team. Advanced modes and swipe options let you play the game super smoothly.

scoreScore! World Goals

(Available On Android,iOS)

This game has been rated in the top 10 sports games in over 50 countries! Score World Goal features huge series of challenges for an avid football player. It comes surprisingly packed with thrilling game play tricks and it happens to be the most engaging game as it brings out an element of puzzle on the field, asking the players to recreate classic and striking goals from the legendary past football games! This will be possible only for a loyal football fan that has watched most of the well-known remarkable matches in the past and is aware of the historical goals! The intuitive swipe gesture helps you to choose your action and at the same time hides the opponent’s reaction. So, get set go and let the game begin! It’s available for free on iOS and Android devices.

newstarsoccerNew Star soccer

(Available On Android,iOS)

The game has been tagged as the most in demand and the most downloaded one amongst the list of top soccer games. The mobile market has received a huge thumping response from the users who have already crossed levels and levels of the game. The new Star Soccer lets you experience the magic of playing on the field and gives you special points over scoring number of goals during the match. Also, the most exciting part happens to be its visual effects and creativity! You get to experience the ultimate gaming thrill as you kick the football and begin the game! New Star Soccer is just truly addictive, simple and highly interesting!

realfootballReal Football

(Available On Android,iOS)

When it comes to facing the field and the ball with all that enthusiasm, it really doesn’t remain just a game! Feel and control the game, experience the passion and Get Set Goal!! As the name says it all, Real Football actually lets you indulge in the game and experience the excitement as you go on playing. For this game you need a smartphone with a powerful processor for smooth gaming visuals. Feel the real on-field atmosphere of football with improved visual effects, graphics and physics of moves. However, if you’re a diehard FIFA fan you’ll love to face the tough competition and thrill of your favorite players while you play Real Football yourself. The game also offers active vocals of the audience and cheer girls along with the more interactive stadium display. This is something truly great!

fmh2014Football Manager

(Available On Android,iOS)

If you love analyzing and setting your own ‘Goals’ by planning a perfect game plan and strategy you’re definitely going to go crazy playing this game. Football Manager tests your planning and managerial skills along with your sportsman spirit. The kicks and goals which you plan up during the game get a lot more exciting when you get feedback and insights over it. Football Manager is more like a real world on-field game, where you act as a football club manager and create your own team! Wow! this is truly amazing, isn’t it? So all you wannabe soccer players get the game right away on your Android and iOS smartphones and bend it like Beckham! Go Play!

All these games are sure to trigger your attention and enthusiasm for the sport as you go on playing and gaining goals. However, there have been daunting number of soccer and car racing games which are the most downloaded and played amongst the list. If you have a few more games to suggest feel free to share your thoughts with us.