Logitech Gaming Headphones – Gamer’s Best Friend

Logitech Gaming Headphones – Gamer’s Best Friend

Logitech Gaming Headphones – Gamer’s Best Friend

by August 31, 2015
best logitech gaming headphones

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Every gaming enthusiast would agree that a gaming experience is only as good as its graphics and sound. While most modern games feature high-end graphical design it is the sound that is hard to accentuate. Well, the statement holds true only if you don’t have a good quality gaming headphone. There are plenty of special gaming headphones available in the market, but none better than Logitech. The brand has championed the gamers need for high-end gaming headphones that let them be the kings of their battle stations. We at Compareraja, understand the dilemma of the gamers in choosing the best quality headphone so to help the gaming lovers make a wise decision, in this blog we feature the top 4 Logitech gaming headphones that we think are the best of the lot:

g 430 logitech gaming headset

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G430 – Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Price – Rs. 7,995


One of the hallmarks of a good gaming headset apart from its supreme quality sound is its easy control system and the G430 scores full marks on these features.

  • The on cable controls allows you to adjust the volume levels with ease. The Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound feature lets you hear even the minutest noise in the game; the sound appears to be coming from all possible direction that lets you pick the slightest of movements of the opponent and take your stance before they see you.

  • The ear-cups that rotate around in different directions lets you wear the headset comfortably in different positions. Also it lays flat at 90 degrees, which makes it easy to carry.

  • The soft ear pads of G430 are covered with sports performance cloth that promises maximum comfort even after long hours of usage.

g 633 artemis spectrum

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G633 – Artemis Spectrum

Price – Rs. 12, 995


Take your gaming experience to next level with this revolutionary gaming headset.

  • The expansive cinematic sound with the 7.1 Dolby surround sound and the Pro G audio features, the headset delivers an incredible sound fidelity.

  • Another striking feature of this headset is that it is compatible with all platforms, so no matter if you are playing on the gaming or the PS4 play station or even the mobile devices, the G633 works with them all.

  • The adjustable RGB lighting features lets you add more color, to your gaming experience. You can program different colors and effects for the two customizable lighting zones – the logo and the lighting strip. You can even add custom tag enhance your look further.

  • The programmable G-keys bring the control of the gaming moves at your fingertips. You can switch to in-game macros mode for instant voice command and maneuver around with voice instructions.

  • Enjoy listening to your favorite music and watching movies with preset audio preferences. You can customize the sound profile to your liking and also create different sound profiles for different games.

  • The G633 is specially designed for long gaming sessions. The new sports mesh material used for the padding the ear cups is soft and gives you maximum comfort. You can even detach the ear cups and wash it to keep it clean and tidy.

g 35 logitech

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Price – 11,995


The G35 makes the cut in our choice because of its impressive combination of supreme quality sound and attractive looks.

  • The G35 headset features a LFE (Low frequency effect) feature that lets you hear up to 7 discrete audio channels. The Dolby 7.1 surround sound helps you hear even the slightest movements of the opponents.

  • The one-touch button lets you control the signal to noise ratio and control every sounds elements in the game like hotkey macros, background music and more.

  • The 360 degree surround sound lets you hear even the things that you can’t see on the screen with utmost clarity. You can hear your opponents fire, sirens, foot movements; it basically gives you eyes at the back of the head and makes you the invincible gamer.

  • Another striking feature of this headset is its mute light. A glowing red light gives you the visual cue about your audio status and keep you informed when the mic is muted.

g 933 logitech headsets

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Price – 13,000 (approximate price)


This is the last on our list of top 4 Logitech gaming headsets. The G933 is successor of the G930 headset that is specially designed to give the gamers the best sound quality for gaming and listening music.

  • It has 2.4GHz wireless built-in rapid-burst USB adapter in the ear port that allows you to easily connect the headset to your mobile phone, gaming consoles, home theatre system and any other analog audio source.

  • In terms of audio technology, you can surely expect the best sound quality you have ever experienced. It has two proprietary sound processes – Dolby 7.1 surround sound and DTSD Headphone X which provides more realistic audio experience.

  • Just like its predecessor model, the G933 Logitech headset, has noise cancelling feature that eliminates the environment voice and give you clear, crisp and sharp voice quality without being disturbed by unwanted noises during your gaming sessions.

  • It has customizable sound profile feature that lets you set different sound profiles for different games. You can even use the voice morphing feature to add pitch calibration, bass and treble to the gaming music just as you like.