Top 10 Picks to Help You Choose the Right Fitness Band for Yourself

Top 10 Picks to Help You Choose the Right Fitness Band for Yourself

Top 10 Picks to Help You Choose the Right Fitness Band for Yourself

by October 4, 2017

From being mere step tracking devices, technology has evolved fitness bands into lifestyle companions with enhanced functionalities. Flurrying, scurrying and hurrying through the maze of life to chase the hands of a clock from early morning till the wee hours past midnight, we get little opportunity to keep track of our physical activities or the calories burnt. Fitness bands do the needful while offering added benefits like sleep tracking, monitoring the heart rate and even providing you with words of caution pertaining to health whenever needed. All in all, they act as the sound of our dozing conscience, making us fully aware of what needs to be done to keep fit and also offering a mental boost by recording daily fitness achievements. However, not all fitness bands are made alike. Each has some specialties to contribute to your unique lifestyle. Since, there is a surge in the number of fitness trackers available, choosing the right one for your specific needs has become a confusing task. To end all dilemmas, here is a list of top 10 best fitness bands to help you make a final pick.

  1. Fitbit Charge 2

If you have finally made up your mind to do something about the perpetually protruding pot belly, then Fitbit Charge 2 is made for you. This one is a mid-range fitness band from the house of Fitbit, which has carved a niche in making fitness trackers. Fitbit has been updating the Charge 2 ever since its launch, helping it earn rev reviews from all counters. The most remarkable component of this wearable is its continuous heartbeat tracking, registering the systoles and diastoles with immaculate perfection. All the monitored data gets registered into Fitbits app, making it easier for users to check progress and compare activity rates. Charge 2 takes note of majority of your activities, offering data like number of steps taken, number of floors climbed, distance covered and calories burnt. It also informs you about the minutes and hours that you have been active during the day. Charge 2 actively encourages you to take 250 steps every hour by sending reminders. Another noteworthy feature of this device is its minute sleep tracking feature presented to you in the form of a coloured and easy to understand graph. The graph will show you the duration of deep sleep and the stretches when your sleep became lighter. The multi-sport mode of this fitness band lets you accurately track the different physical exercises you take part in such as running, cycling, weight lifting and yoga.

Fitbit Charge2

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  1. Moov Now

If you are someone who likes to challenge your own abilities and has ambitious fitness goals, grab Moov Now right now. This fitness band offers some spectacular features like real time feedbacks, real time coaching, and fitness level indication. Moov Now works like a friend and coach packed together into one sleek wearable gadget, directing you how you can enhance your boxing skills and swimming speed with efficiency. With its interval training feature, wearers are motivated to go the extra mile and sweat harder for conquering fitness goals quicker. Moov Now also has a level system, assigning you a level in the beginning and promoting you to the next ones. This fitness band is also suitable for runners as it monitors landing impacts and offers optimum motion control, guiding you to avoid injuries with astonishing accuracy. The dust and water resistant, the wireless band, has a battery life of six months. Moov Now doesn’t have a screen or GPS, but it is still a great fitness band for those who follow 7-minute workout routines that require rep counting. You may sport this fitness band on your wrist or ankle as convenient as you work out.

Move Now

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  1. Samsung Gear Fit 2

For those who like to stay in shape but without compromising on style, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 be considered as God sent. It not just exudes a sleek, upscale appeal but also rates high on functionality. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is a GPS sports band with 1.5-inch (3.86 cm) touch curved super AMOLED display never lets you miss any important stats even during demanding workouts. Samsung has tweaked its line of fitness bands, and the result is spectacular, as reflected in the Samsung Gear Fit-2. This sleek and stylish wristband needs no telling if you are jogging, running, cycling or rowing. It also displays your daily targets and the number of steps you have taken to keep you upbeat and focused. Users can also choose from a number of interface designs so that the Fit 2 displays information that can be comprehended at just a glance. Having a built-in GPS, Fitbit 2 measures distances, speed, and tracks running route with real time exactness, allowing you to leave mobile phones at home. It’s precise and devoted heart rate monitor offers meticulously collected authentic data and tells you if your heart rate has reached the vigorous intensity zone so that you can increase the pace of workout accordingly.

Samsung Gear Fit2


  1. Garmin Vivo Smart 3

Those in need of immediate stress management should try the Garmin Vivo Smart 3 fitness band. It has been made to enhance your level of wellness, offering necessary fitness data through an easy to understand interface. Vivo Smart 3 is an all-day tracker that can be comfortably worn on the wrist even while you sleep. The considerably waterproof device can be worn during swimming and bathing as well. A huge monochrome display is well coordinated with the textured band, making it a stylish choice for fitness enthusiasts. Vivo Smart 3 tracks your stress levels round the clock and has a relaxed breathing timer to help you make destressing deep breathing a part of your routine. Other notable feature that it packs are some incredible fitness tracking tools like strength training, VO2 Max and fitness age. Its Elevate wrist heart rate technology is custom made for tracking heart rate with reliable accuracy level. With five days of battery life, this fitness band does its bid to keep track of most of the common activities like walking, step climbing, burnt calories, sleep patterns and intensity minutes.

Garmin Vivo Smart 3

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  1. TomTom Spark 3

Looking for an all-rounder among fitness bands that provides entertainment as well as trustworthy data? TomTom Spark 3 can be your lifestyle partner. This hand worn fitness band not just offers real time data but also plays over 500 songs while you sweat it out. It even includes Bluetooth headphone connectivity for letting you enjoy your music privately without disturbing anyone in your vicinity. Wide band size makes it a comfortable wear and its 24/7 fitness tracking feature keeps you hooked to the fitness goals all day through. Its Multisport-Mode allows the tracking of a variety of cardio activities ranging from running, biking, swimming and walking to treadmilling and indoor cycling. Hence, this fitness band is equally supportive for indoor or gym activities and vigorous outdoor activities. Another privilege of choosing the TomTom Spark 3 is that it can be synced with the fitness apps you have enrolled for, making it easier to keep track of your progress over the months. TomTom Spark 3 also allows users to select a past record of workout data and race against it to check fitness levels. You can change the straps of this fitness bands according to your current mood, whim, dressing needs and desire.

Tom Tom


  1. Garmin Vivosmart HR+

An up-scale choice with a comparatively steeper price tag, Garmin Vivosmart HR+ scores high on every aspect of fitness band feature and spec checklists. It’s quite ideal for individuals who want to stay fit through moderate and usual exercises. Morning walkers, runners and joggers will find its in-built GPS facility to be a helpful aid in keeping track of their pace and the distance covered. The 24/7 on display keeps wearers updated with latest fitness data and stays visible under the glare of sun. Garmin Vivosmart HR+ has a sleek and stylish design that looks like a classy sports watch, making it worthy of staying on your wrist from swimming sessions to office parties. You can sync your Vivosmart HR+ with the Garmin Connect Mobile for competing with friends on the same platform and review or compare past data. Syncing will also provide smart coaching guidelines that you can utilise for better results. Vivosmart HR+ uses your heart rate for calculating the amounts of calories burnt. In addition to all these features, it counts intensity minutes in your workout routine, pointing out when you need to work harder.

garmin vivo smart

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  1. Fitbit Alta HR

An ever-improving software paired with stylish body and incredible features, there is nothing to not love the Fitbit Alta HR. The sleekest and trendiest member of the Fitbit family, Alta HR has a slim wristband that comes in a variety of colours like black, blue, grey fuchsia and coral. You may also get your hands on the special edition colours of gunmetal and pink. Its Luxe Collection consists of three leather options in lavender, brown and indigo and two metal straps in stainless steel and 22k gold plated varieties. You can set silent alarms on the Alta HR for tracking the hours of sleep. This fitness band will provide lengths of REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep so that you can understand your sleeping patterns and aim for better rest. Alta HR also offers commendable activity tracking, showing data of your daily goals in a compact and unobtrusive manner. You have to tap its OLED display to check how close you are to reaching the fitness goals.

Fitbit alta HR

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  1. Jawbone Up3

Looking for a fitness band that does not really look like one? Jawbone Up3, with its vibrant colouring and sleek and swanky style, can be it. Ladies will take pleasure in its trendy bangle-like design with metal squares. It is now available in some gorgeous colour options like Ruby Cross, Teal Cross, Indigo Twist and Sand Twist. Moreover, the UP3 is comfortable and lightweight for all day usage. Jawbone UP3 is a good device if you are worried about your heart health and require minutest tracking. It offers you the Resting Heart Rate when you wake up, creating the base for comparing increase in heart rate throughout the day. This will also help you in understanding how stress and sedentary lifestyle habits are affecting your heart’s health and pace. Apart from providing a detailed, graphical chart of your sleep patterns, it gives you tips for better sleep every night. Its Smart Coach features comes up with advices which you can implement in real life for bettering fitness levels.

Jawbone Up3

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  1. TomTom Touch

If losing weight is the concern that keeps you awake at night, making TomTom Touch your companion might be of help. With this highly wearable, durable and colourful fitness band, you can start your weight loss journey by first analysing your body’s composition. TomTom Touch accurately analyses the quantity of muscle and fat that your body is made of. Its fitness calculator helps you check the change in fat levels so that you can keep the right workouts in your schedule for effective fat burning. With its Sports Mode, you can compare the effectiveness of different workout routines that you try. Such comparing will show you which one is more effective for your particular fitness goals. This wearable has a built-in heart rate tracker to show you how active you have been in a day’s span. You may also use its TomTom Sports app for finding the Resting Heart Rate which is a great indicator of heart health and overall fitness. The useful features of Sleep Tracker, Calorie Tracker, Step Counter and Pulse Rate Monitor will keep you abreast of vital fitness stats 24/7. Additionally, its high quality, customisable and interchangeable straps flawlessly compliment your dressing style, irrespective of occasions.

Tom Tom Touch

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  1. Xiaomi MI Band 2

If budget is a concern then the most suitable option of fitness band for you is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Made of two primary components, a band and a capsule with display, Xiaomi MI Band 2 is definitely a great upgrade from its predecessor, the MI Band Smart Wristband. Many remarkable features like touch buttons, OLED display and enhanced pedometer algorithm combined with a slim and eye-catching design makes Xiaomi MI Band 2 a value for money choice. The OLED display and smart interface makes it easier for wearers to comprehend fitness tracking data in the blink of an eye. Raise your wrist a little and give the button a light tap to check out your fitness progress through the day including heart rate and steps taken. The advanced pedometer algorithm filters out movements that cannot be counted as exercise or have any impact on calorie burning. This technology helps you focus diligently on fulfilling fitness goals without fail. There is also no need to tap any buttons or tell this fitness buddy when you start working out. Its motion sensors will know when you begin and start tracking. The heart rate monitor lets you adjust your workout pace to maintain a healthy pace for sufficient calorie burn.

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