Top 10 Fitness and Workout Apps for your iOS & Android Devices

Top 10 Fitness and Workout Apps for your iOS & Android Devices

Top 10 Fitness and Workout Apps for your iOS & Android Devices

by November 26, 2014

Technology has been ruling over us in every sense, right from business, education, socialization, shopping, beauty, travel, fitness just everything! There have been innumerable Apps introduced across various platforms that help us in our day-to-day activities. The whole idea of a single tiny App helping us in our workout and fitness regime is itself quite exciting for me!

Check out the list of top 10 Apps for your perfect health!

1- Fitbit


It is an ultimate health and fitness app with advanced features all in place. Designed for iOS, Android and Windows devices this app helps you track your daily activities like exercises, calories burnt, and weight gained (if any), With this App you can instantly log your calories using the bar code scanner, quick calorie estimator and food scanner. You can calculate your weight and calories by setting your desired goals. LogExercises lets you calculate your monthly exercise calendar.
Compatibility: iOS, Android and Windows

2- Map my run


This happens to be the most downloaded app which enables you to use your mobile GPS and track all your fitness activities. This helps a lot if you are a regular jogger or a runner and love to keep a record of your daily fitness and health. Map my run taps the distance covered in specific duration along with pace, speed, calories burnt and route travelled in the estimated time span.
Compatibility: iOS

3- Body space


It is a revolutionary social fitness app which ideally is your best trainer and guide when it comes to tracking your daily health routine. Get to explore some of the best exercises and workouts for your body type. Also locate your workout by goal, experience level, gender, age, duration, cardio, and muscle targets. Watch the instructional video and begin exercising in a similar way.
Compatibility: iOS, Android

4- Runkeeper


Run more, walk more and burn more calories. In our day-to-day life there are lots of instances where we actually do workout without ever realizing it. Runkeeper lets you keep a track of your walk and distance you cover each day. By tracking your workout the app also motivates you to do the best for your health. The app will calculate your body weight and suggest particular workout duration to burn xyz number of calories!
Compatibility: iOS, Android

5- Jawbone UP


Jawbone UP is also available as a wrist band and also as an App for its users. It helps to keep a tab on your daily activities, sleep duration, eating habits, timings, etc. The advanced sensors capture to keep you updated over your health.
Compatibility: iOS

6- GymPact


It is a unique app which pays you to hit the gym!! It is a check-in app that uses cash incentives to get you to the gym, users have to put in a certain amount of money if they DO NOT get to the gym. If they meet their pact and check-in to the gym using their smart phones, they receive cash rewards. This is something amazing!
Compatibility: iOS, Android

7- Gain fitness


It is a digital personal trainer which lets you create interactive and customizable workout packs and guides you towards your goals. Matches your previous health history with your present health situations. All this at just a click away from your fingertips.

Compatibility: iOS

8- Map my fitness


This works wonders for the ones who do not have a regular workout calendar. Map my fitness lets you define a desired goal and exercise for a certain time duration and also helps you review the results after every week. Considering your body structure, weight and other vitals, it also suggests you the best diet to follow.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

9- Lose it!


Succeed at weight loss! Forget the tiring diets, this app helps you manage your diet according to your health and also suggests you the perfect food to keep in shape. Lose it also alerts you on the food items for which you are vulnerable to gain weight and the ones which work best for your health.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

10- Fooducate


Eat better and stay fit! Fooducate tracks the amount and type of food you consume in your daily life. It also notifies you on wrong diet and gives you healthier eating habit tips! If you wish to calculate the number of fats and calories present in certain eatables you can surely check it on fooducator and then decide going ahead with the dish!

Compatibility: iOS, Android

So, next time if you decide to hit the gym, just give it a shot and try out these easily accessible apps and become a smart health expert!