Timex Launches New Activity Trackers –Timex Ironman Move X20 & Timex Ironman Run X20

Timex Launches New Activity Trackers –Timex Ironman Move X20 & Timex Ironman Run X20

Timex Launches New Activity Trackers –Timex Ironman Move X20 & Timex Ironman Run X20

by May 28, 2015
timex ironman watches

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Timex has recently come up with 2 new watches which are just perfect for health and fitness freaks. A couple of days ago Timex Ironman Run X20 and Timex Ironman Move X20 were launched in India at prices of Rs. 11,995 and Rs. 8,995 respectively. Both the products have become the talk of the tech world in a short span of time and they’re good enough to motivate you to get your things and your workout right every day. So let’s take a look at the features of these activity trackers for a fair verdict of these newbies.

timex ironman move x20

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Timex Ironman Move X20

Light and a well-built device, it wraps around comfortably on your wrist and looks good too. The sleek built of metal gives it a premium look and feel. The band is available in 2 colours – black and pink and is water resistant. In order to use this wearable, downloading the Timex Ironman Move x20 app for Android or iOS is necessary.

timex ironman move x20 heart rate monitor

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The band comes with a 3D accelerometer technology and the built-in display shows steps, distance, calories, time, day and date, total sleep time and the hours/minutes of light sleep and deep sleep. Like any other fitness tracker, this one also calculates steps, distance and calories. However, the accuracy that this one provides is pretty impressive as compared to many others.

timex ironman move x20 caller id

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Along with these special features, the band also displays your caller ID and SMS when you pair the device with your smartphone. There are workout and sleep modes that you can activate as per need, however, you will need to activate them manually. The band comes with a rechargeable USB cord and massive battery life which lasts for up to 7 days with regular usage. To sum it up, the device is sleek, provides accurate counts and comes with a great battery life. That pretty much does it for anyone who would need an activity tracker.

Timex Ironman Run X20

timex ironman run x20 watch

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For the athletes and the ones who are totally devoted towards sports and fitness, the Timex Ironman Run X20 is a better choice. A smartwatch that is integrated with apps on Android or iOs to record real-time distance, pace, speed and calories burned. The watch is made of rubber and comes in shades of yellow, blue, pink and black. The premium look of the product is therefore compromised however the watch is water-proof which makes the average looks of the device acceptable.

timex ironman run x20 watch colours

For a GPS watch it is pretty thin and comfortably sits around your wrist while you carry out your rigorous workouts. The battery life is quite decent too which gives up to 6 hours of full usage along with GPS. It is a simple looking watch and therefore very easy to use as well with just 5 buttons for overall functioning.

2 modes can be activated on this watch – Stopwatch which can be used for straight runs with no halts and Interval, just as the name suggests lets you set up intervals of time or distance. To sum it up, the light and robust band is a good performer to keep a track of your daily workouts.