This Summer Your AC Servicing Cost will be “0” If You Follow These Tips

This Summer Your AC Servicing Cost will  be “0” If You Follow These Tips

This Summer Your AC Servicing Cost will be “0” If You Follow These Tips

by March 1, 2018


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It is the most sought-after device in your home from March till the early days of November! The cool breeze it emanates not just offers comfort but also enraptures one in the delicious folds of pleasurable luxuriousness. Yes, AC is that one irreplaceable appliance that spreads a sense of calm like a magic potion on tired, traffic-weary and heat-bitten souls of your family. As the scalding months of summer are approaching it is time to turn on the AC once again.

From day to night and night to day, your AC will be on almost all the time. The more it works, the more air it will have to filter. Consequently, airborne dust particles will keep accumulating on the air filters of your AC machine, clogging it with dirt and slowing it down in consequence. This may prompt you to make a quick call to the manufacturers for sending their servicing personnel to your home.

Of course, it is advisable to get the AC serviced once every three months. However, since ours is a sub-tropical country, summer stretches way past monsoon, leading to recurring AC maintenance costs. Needless to say, maintenance charges are steep these days. Spending on AC servicing every month will eat away a substantial portion of your income, especially if there are more than one overworked AC machines. One way out of this scenario is cleaning the AC yourself. Read on to find easiest DIY methods without losing precious relaxation time.

1. Make Preparation: Do-It-Yourself may or may not be your cup of tea but cleaning the AC at home with some simple tools and products is not rocket-science requiring ultra-specialized skills. All you need for undertaking such an easy-peasy project are old pieces of rags, 4-in-1 screwdriver, vacuum cleaner or shop vacuum, AC coil cleaner and household cleaner. It is better to avoid the foam based coil cleaners as they are messier. Liquid coil cleaning solutions are more appropriate for this job. If possible also get some electric motor oil and a fin comb too for thorough cleansing and enhance performance. Air conditioner fin combs are available online at modest prices, and they last you for a long time. Consider them as a one-time investment.

2. Disassemble the AC: Start by removing the plastic trim panel or filter holder. Next step is getting it off the window or the wall. Even when you have snapped it off, the heavy panel may require two people to remove it properly without bumping or damaging. The process of removal will be slightly different for wall mounted and window AC machines. In case you have a window AC at home you will have to remove the case as well as the mounting frame. You will find the screws of the case located at the bottom edge. Keep a note of the screw lengths as each has to go back to the same place during reassembling.

3. Clean the Internal Parts: You will find the fins of your AC’s cooling unit bent. Use the fin comb at this stage to straighten them. The cooling coils get coated with clingy dust particles. First, vacuum the coils with meticulous diligence to remove the buildup as much as possible. Thereafter, spray the AC coil cleaner and let its foam loosen the grime over some time. Meanwhile, you can use the household cleaner to clean the blades of AC fans. The pieces of old rags will come handy in rubbing and wiping. For thicker build-ups, you should use a heavy nylon bristle brush and work it in the direction of the fins. Some AC machines have fan motor with oiling ports. Remove their rubber or plastic cap to pour in a little bit of electric motor oil into each. This is optional. Use a hose pipe to spray water for cleaning the air filters. Pat them dry, let all the water evaporate from surfaces and reassemble the unit. Make sure to wear rubber gloves or else you may get a cut or two from the fins.

4. Alternative Split AC Cleaning Technique with Aircon Bags Hectic lifestyle leaves little time for cleaning the Split AC machine. Aircon bags can be the go-to solution for this. You can purchase one online after comparing the products at different sites. The main purpose of this cleaning tool is to prevent creating a mess, muddying the floors, increasing the number of chores in tow of cleaning the AC. Aircon bags catch the waste water while you are getting rid of the dirt inside. This way you need not disassemble and reassemble the AC unit. Simply install the Aircon bag around AC unit. Use a nozzle on coil cleaner bottle to spray the solution on the cooling fins and coils. Even the hidden rotary blades should be sprayed with the solution well for best results. Wait for 10 to 20 minutes for the coil cleaner to work. It will ease the grime, so they come off when you spray water. After the required time, take up the water sprayer for flushing the fins and coil. You will be amazed how the dirty water will straight accumulate into the Aircon bag. Some water will also go out via the drainpipe of the AC itself. Turn the AC on and lift the bag so all the water inside will be sprayed right into it and your machine will be dry in no time. If the AC does not offer cooler air and better speed even after this, then the problem lies elsewhere and may require professional checking.

5. Pure and Cool Air without Extra Expenses Cleaning the AC is not only good for improving the machine’s functionality, but it is also a necessary measure for getting purified air. When the air filters and the coil of the AC are so dirty how the air you breathe can be clean. Unclean air can lead to asthma, breathing trouble and other airborne diseases in both adults and children. Regularly cleaning the AC unit remedies such issues. Additionally, learning to clean the AC saves you from draining thousands of rupees in repeated professional servicing.

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