by August 20, 2015
things you didnt know your android could do

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As the most popular OS out there, running on millions of smartphones and tablets, you would think that users of Android would be aware of every little feature and utility that their operating system could provide…but alas, not everyone is cognizant of the wonderful things that the green robot is capable of. Intrigued? Read on to find out the amusing yet productive uses that your Android device could be put to…

Security cam

security camera in phone

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Ever wondered what your nanny does when you’re not around? Or simply wanted to keep a check on your toddler from the other room while you work? With ‘IP Webcam’, an app that allows you to stream whatever is playing on your smartphone’s camera to a computer, you can turn your phone into a security cam.

Encrypt your Phone

how to encrypt phone

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In the security settings of your Android Smartphone, you will find an option to set a password and encrypt the data on your SD card.

Control your PC from anywhere

team viewer

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Heading out but still need to use your PC? Well, if you have an Android device, you may install the ‘Teamviewer’ app and control your PC from anywhere! Just connect the two devices and see your work become easier.

  • Control other devices

Most high end smartphones come with infrared blasters. You can use your Android smartphone to control devices that respond to infrared signals like your TV set or even the set top box! These features are hidden away in your phone, so look for them and turn your smartphone into an RC!

Check internet speed

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All of us internet crazy users have the compulsive need to check just how fast our internet speeds are. With the ‘Internet Speed Lite Meter’ app, the user can check such speed in the status bar itself without having to log on to any particular website.

Multitask without switching apps

flynx android app

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If there is one thing that every multitasker hates, it is being redirected from your app to a webpage on selecting a link within the app. However, with ‘Flynx’- an Android app- the user can now stay within the app while the website loads in the background.

Share efficiently

shareit android app

It can be quite tedious and time consuming to transfer files from one phone to another using Bluetooth. With apps like ‘Xender’ and ‘Shareit’, one can now speed up this transfer and share images, videos, files etc. quickly and efficiently. What is the speed of transfer you ask? Up to 5MB/s!

Call Anyone without dialing Number

google now

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Using Google Now, you can now simply speak the number to be called on into the phone without even touching the screen! It is very convenient if you are multitasking.

Find information by clicking pictures

google goggles

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Ever hung out with a few friends at the museum and wondered the history behind that beautiful painting? With ‘Google Goggles’, you can now simply take a picture of the painting and search online for its details. The user can also scan QR codes or solve a Sudoku using this app.

Solve Math Problems

myscript calculator

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The app developers at Android are nothing if not considerate of the average student. With ‘Myscript Calculator’ or ‘Fraction Calculator’ the user can solve even the most complex mathematics problem with ease.

Now that you know of these additional things that your Android device can do, indulge in some testing of these apps and see how the green robot can help you make your life even easier…