by July 25, 2015
what successful people read

Most of us have at one point in life, picked up a book authored by some giant of the corporate world, maybe a spiritual leader, or maybe even an influential talk show host. But ever stopped to wonder what these successful people read? Whose writings inspire them? Motivate them? No? Well then, read on to find out what the Bill Gates and Oprah Winfreys of the world read and recommend:-

Business Adventures by John Brooks

bill gates business adventures


This American classic about business was written by New Yorker John Brooks and encompasses details of the financial and corporate world of Wall Street. This book comes highly recommended by bigwigs such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

outliners malcolm gladwell


Written by the Canadian journalist, bestselling author, and speaker Malcolm Gladwell, this book has been on New York Times Best Seller list, and for good reason. The book makes for an interesting read because of the very nature of its content- psychology and sociology, along with social psychology. Talking about how the environment and the individual’s personality affect his or her success. Need we tell you more as to why this book appeals to the successful?

Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan

search inside yourself

We all know just how much intelligence is valued in the world, but how about Emotional Intelligence? Not much, eh? However, Tan, one of Google’s earliest engineers and personal growth pioneer, tells the world just how significant techniques like mindfulness are in the real world. This one comes with the stamp of approval of Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and successful entrepreneur Tony Hsieh.

The effective Executive by Peter Drucker

the effective executive

When the founder of recommends a book, read it. The book talks about how one can get the right things done by using five essential practices, namely, time management, decision- making, prioritizing, strength mobilization, and contribution. As mentioned, this book is a favorite of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon as well as Guy Kawasaki, Silicon-Valley based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and evangelist.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

the great gatsby

Didn’t expect this one to figure here, did you? The 1925 fiction novel has floored Haruki Murakami Best selling Japanese Writer, Chuck Palahniuk – Author of award-winning novel Fight Club, and Bill Gates – Microsoft Cofounder with its beautiful portrayal of themes like decadence and excess, idealism and resistance, and social upheaval set in the summer of 1922 on the prosperous Long Island.

The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

the innovators dilemma

One of the greatest innovators of the last 100 years, Steve Jobs, Former CEO of Apple had marked this as an essential read, and when you read the book you realize why. Written by a Harvard professor and businessman, the book talks about how even successful companies fail to invest in ideas of the “future”, how their focus on the customers’ current needs trump their later ones.

Although not a definitive list, it is quite insightful as to why the greatest minds and personalities of today prefer to pick up these books (or their Kindle versions) over some other ones. We don’t assure success by indulging yourselves in these books but yes, they will surely provide you with some helpful life lessons.