The World’s First Curved OLED TV from LG

The World’s First Curved OLED TV from LG

The World’s First Curved OLED TV from LG

by April 15, 2014

LG has recently launched the first curved OLED TV which has captured the attention of TV lovers around the world. The curved OLED TV will give you an immersive IMAX-like experience and better viewing angles as compared to the other LED televisions. The 55-inch curved OLED HDTV from LG is the one that has got a lot of demand these days.

oled 1Due to the large display and amazing curve, this television is seen installed at clubs, hotels, banquet halls, etc. Since this television is 0.17 inches in thickness, it can be installed almost anywhere. Due to the curvature, screen-edge distortions are also eliminated.

OLEDs or Organic LEDs used organic compounds to give out light when the electric current is applied at specific places. There are no backlights in OLED TVs as you would find in LCD displays. Due to this feature, you will find that the OLED TVs are super-thin and super light. The pixels in the OLED TV emit light directly instead of filtering light from a source. Hence, you will find that there are very little distortions—even at extreme angles

oled 2The LG EA980W model comes with two remote controls. One is the bog standard, traditional clicker and the other is LG’s Magic Remote. This magic remote has captured the attention of many customers because of its mouse-like appearance and features.

Some of the pros of the LG EA980W model are: bright and punchy whites; black levels are incredibly deep and solid; clean and detailed picture; immersive, comfortable watch; colours are natural, vibrant and subtle; good selection of smart features; and responsive remotes.

Seeing the thin LG OLED TV, most people would assume that the sound would not be that great. Well, the LG EA980W model has shut the mouths of all critics because this TV has loud, spacious and more satisfying to hear than the thin, tinny sound you have become accustomed to with flat screen television sets.

oled 3As the OLED TV is the latest in the market, you will also find that it has latest connectivity options as well. This TV has four HDMI inputs that can let you attach Blue-ray players, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles. There is one input that is marked as MHL or Mobile High definition Link, which can receive HD content from hard wired Android devices.

The LG EA980W model has three USB ports and a single digital optical audio output. For analogue connections, you will also find Composite, component and Scart connections.

In the world of LEDs TVs and LCD TVs, OLED TVs have made a flashing entry. People have started to accept the curved concept in televisions because the benefits are right in front of their eyes. The OLED TVs are all set to change the whole new world of television viewing experience.

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