The weirdest looking mobile phones ever designed!

The weirdest looking mobile phones ever designed!

The weirdest looking mobile phones ever designed!

by July 31, 2017

The weirdest looking mobile phones ever designed!

The mobile phone has evolved from a heavy handset to the sleekest device that adorns your pocket. During this evolution to minimalistic elegance, it has seen multiple shapes and forms. While some of these innovations have paved the building blocks for the smartphones that you carry, we thought of celebrating this journey of design innovation. We have put together a few of the weirdest looking smartphones (with due respect to the spirit of innovation):

1. Motorola V70

GPRS Support, and a 360-degree rotatable keypad seemed to be a great design innovation. This phone was available for $400, way back in 2002. However, as technology evolution build sleeker phones and keypad into the screens itself, this design obviously went down the obsolete path and became known for its weird design that for user experience.


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2. Nokia N-Gage, Nokia 7600, Nokia 7280

I enjoyed playing football by EA Sports on Nokia N-Gage. The phone seemed to be designed to delight the gamers. However, the buttons were intended to suit a mobile phone user as well and hence the user experience for a gamer wasn’t great. Trying to amalgamate the need of a gamer as well as that of a mobile phone user probably lead to the N-Gage becoming neither. Its design did not find appeal from the gamers or the mobile phone users and went down as one of the most weirdly designed phones in history.

Like the N-Gage, the Nokia 7600 which also hit the market in 2003, was a strangely designed phone. It has a tear drop share, the number keys were located around the screen and it also had interchangeable covers. The VGA camera was good but was far behind in quality as compared to modern smartphone cameras. Both these phones lacked the ergonomic appeal that the user desired and hence it accumulated in the pile of weirdly designed phones.

Nokia brought out another weirdly designed phone just a year later. Aimed at the fashion market, this phone had black, white and red styling. Its screen could fade into a mirror when inactive (an obvious boon for the fashion conscious). While it did invoke interest and curiosity, the design was one of the weirdest designs, especially if we look at the evolution of the mobile phone designs since then.

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3. Samsung Serene and Samsung Juke

Samsung Serene was a joint venture between Samsung and Bang & Olufsen. Its circular keyboard hampered the design and the user experience.

Samsung Juke, the jukebox for music lovers, was an interesting phone that would support various music file formats and had 2 GB of storage for songs and playlists. However, its design, which enabled to rotate the display was not appealing and has gone down as one of the most weirdly designed mobile phones units the world has ever seen.


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4. Haier P7 Pen Phone: Haier P7 pen phone has the writing capabilities of a pen and a little bit more. It could make calls, send texts and do all the functions of a standard phone. However, its design did not find popularity among the users and the phone did soon fade away into oblivion as one of the weirdest phones ever.


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5. The Golden Buddha Phone

This phone was one of the most expensive ones when it hit the market. It had a 24-karat gold plating and a round number dial and keys. However, the weird and almost round design could not garner enough appeal from the users of the phone.

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While the design of these phones makes for an interesting read, we respect the innovative minds which came up with such designs. Their attempt and courage must be appreciated. They have also given rich insights into the design preference and taste of customers – valuable fodder for modern day smartphone companies and their design teams.