The ultimate external storage device for iPhones – Stronium Nitro iDrive 3.0

The ultimate external storage device for iPhones – Stronium Nitro iDrive 3.0

The ultimate external storage device for iPhones – Stronium Nitro iDrive 3.0

by May 2, 2015
Stronium Nitro iDrive 3.0

They say, there’s never enough time to do nothing. I say there’s never enough space to fit in everything. With the amount of inbuilt storage capacity in our phones and the availability of a plethora of apps and other entertainment space eaters, it has become absolutely necessary to have an external memory source. A microSD card gives us the satisfaction of storing our beautiful memories in the form of pictures, videos and everything else that matters to us.

iPhone users, even with the advantage of having a premium gadget at their disposal, they did not have this advantage so far. But now, with the introduction of Stronium Nitro iDrive USB 3.0 this problem has also been solved. Let’s do a comprehensive study of this product while the iPhone users revel in their new found glory.


The Stronium Nitro iDrive looks like any other Pen drive in the market, only a bit bulkier. The two ends of the device are capped with plastic lids and there’s the Stronium logo on the front side. When plugged in on an iPhone or iPad it is quite huge for us to use the phone while the USB is connected, but the drive is slim so it’s manageable.

nitro iDrive

The App that makes it Happen

An App by PhotoFast is available on the iOS store. You can download the app or just launch it if you already have it installed and you’re ready to use this newly found device. While the App might be a little difficult to understand in the beginning, you’ll get the hang of it after a while. The App consists of Music, Photo, Video and Documents, there’s Recorder, Dropbox and Search icons along with icons for backing up contacts, photos and calendars, as well as ‘Backup All’ icon.

Also, the App can playback most of the audio and video formats, you can view your PDF files and PowerPoint Presentations as well. The Personal Cloud module lets you connect to Google Drive, Facebook and Dropbox in order to access and copy data stored there. You will also find options for data security and automatic synchronisation.

So far, we have everything that we need so that our phone can function with the extra space this new device offers.

photofast app for nitro idrive

Availability and Price

Since most people buy iPhones with lower inbuilt storage capacity because of the massive price difference, this amazing gadget is your saviour. Also, you don’t have to go through iTunes’ complicated process every time you want to transfer content from your iPhone to your computer or vice-a-versa.

Stronium Nitro iDrive is available in capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB at very affordable prices of Rs. 4,200, 5,000 and 6,200 respectively. While the price difference is not much, it is recommended to go for the highest storage capacity one so that you don’t have to hold yourself back while getting new stuff onto this gadget and onto your iPhone.

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