The Ultimate Battle – Apple Watch Vs Moto 360

The Ultimate Battle – Apple Watch Vs Moto 360

The Ultimate Battle – Apple Watch Vs Moto 360

by April 13, 2015

Our most favourite battle of all time, Android Vs iOS is a never ending one. And now, with the announcement of Apple watch, Moto 360 has a tough competitor in the market. While it’s quite logical for the Apple army to stick by the Apple watch and the Android loyalists with Moto 360, there are many ways in which both the watches function alike and many things that they do differently. These differences, pros and cons are the biggest influence on a buyer’s decision.

To make matters simpler for you, here’s a comparison between the brand new Apple Watch and Moto 360 keeping in mind all their features, display, design and other important factors that will help you decide which device is it for you.

Design & Build: Both the watches have very attractive displays. However, they’re quite different from one another. The first and the obvious distinguishing point between these watches is their shape. Apple comes in a rectangular shape with 2 size options, 38mm and 42mm and the Moto 360 comes in a round 46mm LCD screen.


Both the brands are available in 3 versions. The basic version of Moto 360 includes a leather band with a stainless steel case. The metal Moto 360 includes a metal watch band in matching light and dark finishes while the more expensive one, Slim Metal Moto 360 comes with a slimmer champagne gold finish on the case.

As for Apple, there is the Apple Watch Sport which comes with an aluminum finish in silver or space gray with a fluoroelastomer watch band. The basic Apple Watch comes with a stainless steel case and a variety of band options while the Apple Watch Limited includes 18-Karat gold in yellow and rose and luxurious straps.

Display: With the Moto 360, all you have to do in order to turn the display on is to lift your watch up to your face and the sensor does the trick. Taking it one step ahead is Apple; all you have to do is just look at your watch. The Apple watch is a sapphire touch-screen, whereas, the Moto 360 comes with 205 ppi display. The Moto 360 has only one button on the side while the Apple Watch has more buttons for overall control.


Features: Now both these watches will do what they’re meant to, that is, show you the time, calendar, notify you about your meetings and all the others usual things. But there are many more things that these tiny devices offer which will completely distinguish them from one another.

What Apple offers – You can browse through photos on the Apple watch, store music to play back on Bluetooth headphones when the phone is not connected, get directions on your wrist, notifications about your appointments.

While that’s not all, you can also sketch or send your heartbeat to a friend. You can send voice messages or also make a call through your Apple Watch while Moto 360 does not offer the same.

The heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate. There are also progress indicators and alerts to motivate you throughout the day, telling you that you did a good job. This is amazing!!!

What Moto 360 offers – Motorola supports Smart Lock which keeps your phone unlocked when the Moto 360 is nearby and connected and your device is from Motorola or running Android 5.0 or higher.

With Google Fit or Moto Body, you can track your heart rate and activity, steps and keep a track of how many calories you burned. With Run Keeper, you can also track cycling and your basic workout in more detail.

Battery Life: The Moto 360 comes with a great battery life of 2 full days of regular usage. However, Apple Watch battery is only said to last 18 hours.

Price: Apple and Moto both have their unique features to offer with a few differences and quite a few similarities. But as we know, the price graph soars high when it comes to Apple products, and the Apple Watch is no exception. The basic Apple Watch is said to be available at around Rs. 25,000 while the basic version of Moto 360 costs around Rs. 18,000 in the Indian market.


Other facts you might want to know

Apple Watch and Moto 360 are both water resistant so while you can wear it in the rain, you cannot swim with it.

Apple Watch is said to hit the Indian markets in July 2015, while the Moto 360 is already available for sale.

The Apple Watch only works with iPhone while Moto 360 works with Android phones running 4.3 or higher.