The Telecom Industry Tug of War

The Telecom Industry Tug of War

The Telecom Industry Tug of War

by March 21, 2017
Versus - The Jio Effect

Be it education, government, airline, the corporate world or any XYZ sector, digitisation is omnipresent. So, how can the telecom industry lag behind? Telecommunications is leaping forward with paradigm shifts in this industry. The revolutionary change started with Reliance Jio (Unlimited data and voice calls) launch in September 2016, quickly surpassing the milestone of a 100 million customers in the shortest time. To stay competitive, other telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and BSNL have also followed their lead which has led to a tug of war amongst these companies. The consumers are still struggling to choose from the number of options present due to the cut-throat telecom market scenario.

Let us help you give an overview of the unlimited data plans and voice calls by Reliance Jio Prime, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

Reliance Jio Prime:

4G Operators Reliance Jio Prime

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  • Prepaid Plan: Reliance Jio Prime and Rs. 303 recharge

The prepaid plan for Jio users begins at Rs. 19 and goes up to Rs. 999. Reliance Jio Prime subscribers will get 28 GB of 4G data along with Rs. 303 prepaid recharge pack with a validity of 28 days. The major advantage of Jio prime subscription is that users can utilise data even up to 2GB or more every day coupled with unlimited free calling simultaneously. For those customers who have high data usage, Reliance offers the Rs. 499 Jio Prime recharge to use 56 GB data with the daily consumption cap of 2 GB.

  • Postpaid Plan: Reliance Jio Prime subscription and Rs. 303 Monthly Plan

AT Rs. 303, Jio Prime postpaid users will get unlimited data, with 28 GB data at 4G speed. Postpaid customers of Jio Prime will equally get the benefit of the Jio plans as prepaid customers. Taking other postpaid plans into account as well, customers will be able to use data from 1 GB per day to unlimited data every single day, depending on the plan chosen.


4G Operators Idea

Idea offers a number of data plans to cater to the needs to all its customers.

  • Prepaid Plan

The prepaid plan for Idea’s 4G data begins at Rs. 249 that provides 1 GB data for a validity of 28 days and goes up to 10 GB data valid for 30 days for Rs. 1346. All the offers by Idea provide special offers with extra data ranging from 1 GB up to 10 GB.

  • Postpaid Plan

Idea provides 1 GB data for its postpaid users for Rs. 250 valid for 30 days and 15 GB data for Rs. 2499 valid for 30 days. The special offers data ranges from 1 GB to 15 GB.

Customers can also get their hands on the long-term data plan offered by Idea for 6 months or even a year.


4G Operators Airtel

  • Prepaid Plan

Airtel is catering to the needs of its customers with plans ranging from Rs. 44 providing 150 MB data for 7 days up to that of Rs. 995 that offers 10 GB data for 30 days.

  • Postpaid Plan

Airtel has surprise offer for its postpaid customers, as herein they will be providing 30GB of high-speed data to customers for three months via the Airtel app. Postpaid customers also have another benefit added to them with the leeway to create their own plan to suit their needs.


4G Operators Vodafone

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Vodafone has initiated the Rs. 346 recharge pack. What is different with Vodafone is that they are providing 28GB mobile data plus unlimited free calls like the Reliance Jio. Due to the challenging telecom environment, Vodafone has also set a limit of 1GB for free data consumption, similar to its rivals, after which they would charge the customers.

The Winning Edge

The telecom industry has created a challenging yet very profitable environment for the incredible user base formed in the last 10-15 years. After considering all the competent rivals, one can easily visualize that Reliance Jio Prime is a clear winner with economical prices and hardly any hidden costs. The second one in the lead is Airtel with cost effective plans. Following the lead are Vodafone and Idea. With the Vodafone and Idea merger on the cards, it is predicted that if the merger does happen, it will be the 2nd leading giant in the Telecom industry after Reliance Jio.