The Rear Shell of new iPhone 6c with 4” Display Leaked!

The Rear Shell of new iPhone 6c with 4” Display Leaked!

The Rear Shell of new iPhone 6c with 4” Display Leaked!

by April 2, 2015

It seems Apple is on a spree to launch new phone. Apple only recently took the smart phone market across the world by storm with the launch of iPhone 6 plus now it is going for the kill by launching yet another variant of the iPhone 6, this time it is iPhone 6C. Yes just like its predecessor, iPhone 5C, the ‘C’ version is the affordable phone meant for budget buyers. If the news of launch is not interesting enough, the photo leaks of the rear shell of the phone has created quite a stir and anticipation among the Apple phone loyalists about how the phone would actually look like.

Roughly a week ago, we heard rumours about Apple planning to launch 3 new iPhones later this year – iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 6C. A few reports claimed that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be a mere upgrade to the existing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

iPhone 6C on the other hand will be an inexpensive variant of the iPhone 5S and not the iPhone 5C as it was speculated earlier. In terms of design, the rear shell looks similar to that of the iPhone 5C, but with an extra speaker grille mesh and an oval-shaped camera flash. The camera hole indicates that the handset will not have a protruding camera.

Image Courtesy: (future supplier)

Unlike in the iPhone 5C where there was just a single row of speaker grill, the 6C will have two. An additional grille with 6 holes located next to the audio jack is most likely meant for the microphone. In terms of size, the phone is expected to be slightly thicker compared to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Image Courtesy: (future supplier)

Some rumours also indicate that Apple may come up with a pink variant of the phone, which will be primarily targeted to the female users. Nothing is yet known about the internal features of the device. Moreover, there has been no word yet on the price either. However, according to some sources, the unlocked version is likely to cost around $400 to $500 in the US, which may come with a price tag of up to Rs. 31,000/- here in India.

Point of Debate

While Apple has already launched 2 handsets with a display size of over 4-inches, a few believe that hopping back to a 4-incher is definitely not a good idea. However, some on the other hand are all willing to welcome the decision with arms wide open. But, not to forget that the present age belongs to the massive handsets. So, will this decision help Apple go face to face with its competitors? We’ll have to wait and watch.

Are the rumours to be believed?

Well, that’s definitely a tough question to answer. iPhone has always been surrounded by rumours way ahead of its launch. While some of these rumours had a strong base, most of them were nothing more than just pointless claims. Therefore, even though the leaked images do offer a hint on what we can expect, it won’t be wise to rely upon them completely. After all, the end product is sure to offer you something more than what you expect.

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