The Razer Nabu X – Your multitasking personal assistant

The Razer Nabu X – Your multitasking personal assistant

The Razer Nabu X – Your multitasking personal assistant

by June 18, 2015
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If you are a pro-gamer, you have probably heard about Razer. The American gadget manufacturer is best known for its innovative gizmos built with the latest cutting-edge technology. Take for instance the Razer’s Project Fiona, a gaming tablet with innovative handlebars offering gamers the most satisfying gaming experience.

And then there’s the Razer Switchblade Pocket Gaming PC, a hybrid between the Optimus keyboard and the Nintendo DS.

Moving further, the company also introduced a Smartband called the Nabu. Initially, the band was about to launch with 2 displays. However, it was later launched with just one screen.

With the new Nabu X, Razer plans to downsize the band even further with no display at all. Yes, you read it right. The device will have no display. But, then how do you know if you are getting a call? Well, the band simply vibrates and the LEDs light up every time you get a call on your phone.

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In terms of design, the band may not be the most innovative gadget you have ever seen, but is surely quite different. On one end of the band are the holes, while on the other, are prongs in line with the holes on the other side. When worn, the band seems quite comfortable.

So, what does the Nabu X do?

Obviously, it won’t be wise to expect the band to perform every single activity that your smartphone does. However, it does almost everything that you would expect from a smartband. Right from tracking your steps to telling you if you’ve got a good sleep last night, the Nab X does it all.

Though Nabu X is a fitness tracker, Razer refrains from calling it that. Why? Simply because it does a lot more than keeping a tab on the number of calories you burn. According to the company, the band is capable of interacting with another Nabu band within a specific distance. So, if you are standing close to somebody wearing a Nabu, it can exchange contact information and fitness data.

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Interestingly, the Nabu X is also capable of passing on Facebook details to other Nabu user using a simple handshake.

Presently, there are very few apps using these social sharing features. One of the coolest apps is the Nab Gamers that scans the entire room for other Nabu users. The device can export your fitness data to a bunch of apps, which also include Google Fit. Moreover, it will soon support MapMyFitness as well.

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So, to sum it all up, listed below are some of its features you get to enjoy:

  • Notifications via 3 LEDs and vibrations

  • Band to band communication

  • Open Development Platform

  • Battery life of around 5 to 7 days

  • Activity tracking

  • Gesture recognition

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

  • IP67 certified (water resistant up to 1 meter)

  • One-size-fits-all strap

  • Detachable sensor module