The New Hangout Update makes Text Messaging with Voice Command a Reality

The New Hangout Update makes Text Messaging with Voice Command a Reality

The New Hangout Update makes Text Messaging with Voice Command a Reality

by March 22, 2015

The smart phones keep getting smarter every day. The development of new apps and the advancements in the existing apps is keeping the mobile users intrigued about what is coming next? And the mobile makers sure don’t disappoint us as they keep coming up with a new technology that enriches the mobile using experience. One of the latest tech advancements is the Google’s messaging app, Hangout update. The update allows the mobile users to send messages and receive calls through a voice command. The updated is actually a step towards combing the Google voice and the Hangout together.

If you are eager to get started with the voice command app for your hangout, you would require one download from the Play Store as well as adjustment on your phone settings. The following tutorial will help you through the process and get the best out of what Google has to offer you

Update your Hangout

First and foremost you need to check if the hangout on your smartphone is updated, you need to have latest 2.3. Version of hangout. If you have not updated yet, you can check for the update from the Google Play Store. After the download is complete, when the new updated version of Hangout is launching you would get a popup notification asking if you want to integrate Google Voice text message and voicemail. Click ‘Turn it On’ and next go to setting and select SMS. Here you need to make Google Voice as your default number for text messages. You can also choose the ‘smart reply’ option to set the last number that you used to send text message as your default number for SMS messages.

You are done with setting changes, however, to activate calling facility you need to download the Hangout Dialer. This will help you get started with voice calling. If you want to make voice within Hangout contacts you can call through Wi-Fi connection, which is a great option when the carrier network signal is weak.

Now having changed you setting on phone, if you are wondering why should I use Hangout Voice? Here are the reasons:

Make Calls and send/receive messages

It makes your communication simple. With this app you can send and receive text messages not only through you smartphone but also through Gmail as well as through the hangout on your desktop computer. You can answer your voice calls and listen to the voicemails from your browse through Google Voice, which will transcribe your voicemail message without dragging and getting straight to the point.

Voice Dialer

The Google Voice Dialer works similar the usual dialer, you can either type the person’s name to find the contact or you can directly tap the number.

Newer Design

With the new Google Hangout 2.3 update comes with a new design that is visually refreshing and is easy to use. Google has opted for a new green patch design on the top and there are horizontal lines to demarcate the account name from the icons. The new layout makes swiping between contacts, messages and the dialer very easy. But, the only downgrade is that now while you are messaging you cannot swipe to the right to get back to the main conversations list.

With the new update, the swipe to archive option is eliminated. Now you would have to tap and hold to archive or delete the conversation. Another significant feature of the update is that it allows you to split the text messages into a different category so that it doesn’t mingle with the hangout IMs (instant messages).

While the new update brings with these great changes to make communication easy, it certainly has a lot of scope for improvement and Google will certainly keen to fine tune the finer details and comeback with a new update that would feature better and more advanced features.