The MOTO 360 Watch Promises To Show You Some Good Times

The MOTO 360 Watch Promises To Show You Some Good Times

The MOTO 360 Watch Promises To Show You Some Good Times

by March 24, 2015

After making a respectable name for itself in the Smartphone section, Motorola has decided to conquer new territories. With the Moto Watch 360, Motorola has launched itself in the Smartwatch segment to great applause. With Apple, Samsung, LG, and a few other techno giants too coming up with such watches, Motorola has strived to produce one too, which promises to offer more and then some more. Read on to find out what this Moto 360 Watch has in store for you…

Promoted as the “a watch for our times” by the company, the Moto 360 is a classic design for the modern tech savvy generation. All the watches come in the good ol’ round designed face to ensure a good wrist fit and larger display. When it comes to how aesthetically appealing the watch is, you simply have to look at the stainless steel case, the finely crafted leather strap to know that The Moto 360 is meant to please the user visually too. The Corning Gorilla glass has been used to protect the face and lend additional durability and robustness. The display resolution is a brilliant 320×290 pixels on a 1.56″ screen. The backlit LCD will help in using the watch in the dark. The watch weighs an average 50g.

One glance at the screen and the Moto 360 will show you the world. See whether your flight is on time, how pleasant the weather is, and keep a track of other things by simply taking a peek at the screen. For those who like to keep a track of their health on the go, the Watch doubled up as a Pedometer, counting the number of steps you’ve taken in the day. Another sensor is the Optical Heart Rate Monitor which measures the wearer’s heart rate. The watch will recognize voice commands, all you need to say is “OK Google”… The notifications are announced by a small vibration. The watch is Bluetooth enabled for quick connectivity.

This Android wear is compatible with Android phones running version 4.3 or higher. It comes in ten different bands, 4 metals, 3 in leather, and 3 in slim band metal and the buyer may choose from three different cases- light finish, dark finish, or champagne gold finish. It has a 320mAh battery which according to the company lasts for a whole day with mixed use. The watch uses Qi technology which lets the user wirelessly charge the watch. The charging dock is included in the package. The Moto 360 comes with 4GB of internal storage and uses 512 MB of RAM. It has an IP67 rating of water resistance.

The Moto 360 is available for ₹18,000 approximately in the market. At such a competitive price, the watch is a good alternative to the more premium Apple Watch and other watched.

This watch is truly a thing for our times and with its brilliant craftsmanship and technological features, it is bound to be favored by enthusiasts across the market.