The LG Urbane “Watch”ed and Reviewed

The LG Urbane  “Watch”ed and Reviewed

The LG Urbane “Watch”ed and Reviewed

by May 19, 2015
LG Urbane Smart Watch Review

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Yet another player joins the race to produce a smarter, better techno gadget. Although this time round, it is not a Smartphone but it is a Smartwatch. Moto has done it with the Moto 360, Apple with its Apple Watch, and Samsung with its Samsung Gear Live, and now LG has done it with the Urbane…yes, we are talking about all the Smartwatches that the techno world has seen over the past few months. Unveiled only recently, the LG Urbane is available for about Rs.29, 990. For such a price, the question is- Is the LG Urbane worth the buy? Read on for a more comprehensive review of the Smartwatch.

LG Urbane Smart Watch design

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First, we discuss the design. The Urbane is a 1.3-inch, 320 x 320 circular OLED screen with a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. The gold or silver (the watch comes in two colours) metal casing and leather strap make it a dashing piece of wearable albeit the huge bezel gives the Urbane a chunky look. It has an IP67 water resistance rating meaning that you can throw the metal body (not the strap) into a meter of water for 30 minutes without damaging it. The OLED screen supports great colours but without an ambient light sensor, the user still has to manually adjust the brightness for comfort.

LG Urbane Smart Watch Software

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Next, we talk about the Urbane’s software. The Urbane functions with the latest Android platform although the other Android wearable will soon get the updates too. The user interface is the same as the previous iteration of Android, with swiping right on a card dismisses it, and swiping left opens it. The designers have attempted to make it a one hand use gadget, although unsuccessfully. The user may use wrist flicking gestures to operate the Urbane. However, a flick will only wake up the watch and show you the notifications, you still have to tap the screen to open it up.

LG Urbane Smart Watch Battery

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The LG Urbane gives the user about 2 days of company on a full charge with high active usage. The Smartwatch connects to the Smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0, and thanks to its Wi-Fi capabilities, it can switch to an available network. The Wi-Fi could’ve been put to great use by pushing voice calls that the user is unable to take on the phone for whatever reasons to the watch, however, the watch does not allow you to talk into it. Another decent feature is that of emoji sketching. The user may draw an emoji on the screen and the watch then matches it to the closest resembling emoji from the gallery.

On the whole, LG’s Urbane is totally worth the buy. Check out the un-boxing video below that would further entice you to get your hands on this Smartwatch.

LG unboxing video