Laptops to Go For with the Best Battery Life

Laptops to Go For with the Best Battery Life

Laptops to Go For with the Best Battery Life

by April 8, 2017
Laptops to Go For with the Best Battery Life

Any task is based on the basic foundation of saving time, efficiency, effectiveness, and power. While purchasing a laptop, it is inevitable for the battery life to be a major priority on your list of priorities. While features like processors, memory, operating system, graphic card, etc. matter, the battery life of a laptop is as critical a parameter as any other. Being the perfect substitute to desktops with its portability factor, owning a laptop with a low battery life is bound to be a failed investment.

Here are some top-listed battery life laptops:

Lenovo Thinkpad X230

Best Battery Laptops Lenovo Thinkpad X230

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Thinkpad X230 features a six-cell battery with 7 hours runtime and nine-cell battery which boosts your device battery up to 12 hours. For those who need a runtime of more than 12 hours, sheet battery paired with nice cell battery is the perfect choice. This feature makes the Thinkpad X230 unique amongst all laptops.

Dell Latitude E6430

Best Battery Laptops Dell

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A slim laptop of 14-inches, Dell Latitude E6430 features a battery that has a tri-metal frame consisting of magnesium alloy, steel hinges, and chrome bumper. It comprises of a nine-cell battery that offers runtime of approx 10 hours.

Asus UX305

Best Battery Laptops Asus UX305

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Asus UX305 offers a battery backup of nine and half hours Along with having a good shelf life in terms of battery, the laptop is also reasonably priced.

Apple MacBook Air

Best Battery Laptops Apple MacBook Air

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This portable device is superb for gamers who are looking for the best picture resolution along with best battery life. MacBook Air gives you around 8 hours of runtime.

Toshiba Portege R835

Best Battery Laptops Toshiba

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When it comes to leaving an impression, Toshiba Portege R835 is the perfect combination of performance and power along with the slimmest dimension. It offers you more than 7 and half hours of battery life.

HP Spectre

Best Battery Laptops HP Spectre

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HP Spectre offers your 360 degrees bendable LCD that also gives you the experience of a tablet. It is very productive as provides al 12 hours run-time.

Lenovo Thinkpad X240

Best Battery Laptops Thinkpad X240

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The X240 in the X series of Lenovo offers a battery life of seven and half hours. Further, you can upgrade its battery from three-cell to six-cell to get extended runtime of up to an impressive 20 hours.

Dell XPS 13

Best Battery Laptops Dell XPS 13

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This 13-inches LCD laptop offers battery life beyond 12 hours.

While purchasing laptops with a long battery life is a good option, it is also wise to ensure proper utilisation in order to avoid faster draining of battery while operating it. Here are a few tips for your consideration:

  • Some background applications like antivirus and firewall shouldn’t be launched at every moment, as it consumes your battery faster. Hence, it is advisable to open task manager (click Ctrl+Alt+Del) in order to shut down non-essential programs.

  • If your device is plugged with many external devices like USB, PC card, Wi-Fi, External speaker, Bluetooth, etc. they all use power simultaneously. Therefore unplug devices that are not in use.

  • Avoid leaving any CD or DVD in drives as it sucks your battery power like a sponge.

  • LCD screens’ and laptop screens’ brightness factors are power sinkers, making it essential to reduce them to a level that is needed to function efficiently.

  • Screensavers are a prime reason for power drainage. Disable it if you are looking to save battery.

  • To maintain longer battery, clean the air vent regularly. It also reduces the heat and circulates the air properly within the device.

  • Always upgrade your software and hardware, as new software and hardware are designed to give more efficiency.

  • While charging your laptop, ensure that the adapter you use is an original one.