Tag Heuer Connected Watch – Stay ‘Connected’ to Timeless Innovation

Tag Heuer Connected Watch – Stay ‘Connected’ to Timeless Innovation

Tag Heuer Connected Watch – Stay ‘Connected’ to Timeless Innovation

by October 14, 2015
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Every one of us yearns to own something in our lives and there are things that compel us to drool over it. Well, I guess most of you would agree, Tag Heuer watch one such product that would make you go weak at your knees. The Switzerland’s Luxury watchmaker took to Twitter to make a huge announcement on Tuesday that has left the tech world and the consumers baffled and bemused at the same time. The Company Tweeted that it is coming up with an Android Smartwatch and that its countdown ticks down to November 9, 2015.

What is more interesting is that the Tweet included a picture, which is supposedly the first looks of the upcoming Smartwatch. While, the look of the watch is not clear as it is hidden in the shadows it is known that it will be called ‘Connected’. The tweet says, ‘next step in innovation’ – #connectedtoeternity’. If this piece of information hasn’t got you excited already, then here is some more interesting fact about the watch that we bet would make become a jumping jack. Tag Heuer has confirmed that it is building the ‘Connected’ watch in partnership with Intel and Google. (We don’t know about you) but we at Compareraja are absolutely sure that the combination of the three of the biggest names in the tech world would surely lead to a ‘Masterpiece’ creation.

tag heur partnership with intel and google

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A description about the watch on the Tag Heuer’s teaser site hints that with this new watch, Tag Heuer is keen to push its already well-established image of being the Avante Grade watchmakers in the world; the company aims to keep the tradition in tact yet bring about a ground breaking technological innovation. The Watch is all set to be the epitome of ‘Style Meets Technology’. The CEO of Tag Heuer, Jean Claude Biver has already announced last month to CNBC that the watch is coming in November, the clock is ticking for Tag Heuer and we all are hoping that that the brand delivers on its promise and gives to the world a Smartwatch that sets a benchmark in the industry.

tag heuer vs apple watch

With the announcement made public now, the tech world is already rife with various speculations and predictions about the specs of the watch. We are all well versed with the specs but one speculation that has been doing the rounds quite a bit has caught our attention and we couldn’t help mention that. It says the Tag Heuer watch will make the Apple Watch go Obsolete, Woah! You would agree that is certainly a very very very bold statement!! Given the reputation of Apple and its technological supremacy, it would be interesting to know how Apple would react to such speculation.

intel quark soc

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Amidst all the excitement about the upcoming watch and its released date, there is no official word yet from Tag Heuer or any other collaborating partners about the specs and features of the watch. This has added more fuel to the anticipation and excitement among the people. There have been a few report thoughts that suggest the ‘Connected’ watch will feature Intel’s Quark SoC and a battery life up to 40 hours with a single charge. Rumours also have it that the new watch may feature the Android Marshmallow OS. However, none of this news is confirmed.

tag heur connected release date

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On the pricing front, the Tag Heuer Connected is slated to be priced at around $1800 to $2000, which makes it the costliest Android Watch ever made. It is 10 times more expensive than the average affordable android watch available in the market. Pricey or not, the watch will surely has its own takers. We are pretty sure; the Tag Heuer loyalists are just as excited as we are for the company to unveil its new watch in the New York City on November 9th. Keep reading our blog for the launch news and more updates about the watch. Till then enjoy reading our Blog and get your daily dose of Tech News!