Tag Heuer Proves Its Avant- Garde Status, Launches Luxury Smartwatch ‘CONNECTED’

by November 12, 2015


When a 155 year old luxury Swiss watchmaker decides to enter the field of smartwatches, you know they mean business. TAG Heuer has put in its century old craftsmanship and legacy into its latest creation: The TAG Heuer Connected. smartwatches are many, but when the Swiss avant-garde decides to design one, you know it’s going to be a trendsetter.

Launched in New York on Monday, TAG Heuer’s Connected has made everyone sit up and take notice. Technology companies coming up with such gadgets is an everyday thing, but when a watch making company of TAG Heuer’s stature decides to foray into the market, you know there is something truly revolutionary in the making.


Priced at a premium $1500, the TAG Heuer Connected is the result of a partnership between the watchmaker and tech giants – Intel and Google. The Android smartwatch will feature a powerful 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor with 1GB of RAM and incorporate 4GB of storage, which is considered massive in the smartwatch world.


It’s a luxury watch, and that too from the House of TAG Heuer, so we can be rest assured that the watch’s design will be one that will transcend all the current designs. Made from grade 2 titanium, the watch holds an uber rich appeal.

The round dial sports dimensions of 46mm with a display resolution of 360×360 pixels. The dial is protected by sapphire crystal, making it extremely scratch resistant. Quite bulky at 12.8mm thickness as compared to other smartwatches, it still passes off as one of the most elegant looking watches out there.


Colour lovers will be able to choose from six other colour options in bands apart from the usual black: green, orange, yellow, blue, white, and red. Made of vulcanized rubber, the band will sport a grade 2 titanium folding clasp.


The TAG Heuer Connected comes with a battery life of 25 hours with normal usage. The watch will sport the usual features such as an alarm, timer, and stopwatch. The accelerometer tracks your steps through the day while the Wi-Fi can be used for other purposes. On the app front, apart from the usual Android Wear services, the TAG Heuer Connected user will have access to exclusive apps like the lifestyle app named Insiders, GolfShot Pro for golf, RaceChrono Pro for motor racing, and Viewrangers for trailing.


In order to stand out from the rest of the premium smartwatches (as if the price tag and brand name don’t do that already!), the smartwatch will feature unique watch faces which you can change from your smartphone too. Apart from giving you access to over 4000 apps on Google Play Store, the watch is compatible with iOS apps too!

Although a timeless piece, the TAG Heuer Connected comes with a two year warranty at the end of which the user will have the option to exchange it (though why anyone would want to do that is beyond our understanding!) for an exclusive TAG Heuer Carrera watch which will sport a design similar to the Connected smartwatch. Oh, and that’s not all, you will have to spend an additional $1500 for it.

So all you bigwigs with even bigger pockets, the “time” has come to sport luxury and technology on that wrist!