Switch over to Dvorak Keyboard – A Better Alternative to the much preferred QWERTY keyboard!!

Switch over to Dvorak Keyboard – A Better Alternative to the much preferred QWERTY keyboard!!

Switch over to Dvorak Keyboard – A Better Alternative to the much preferred QWERTY keyboard!!

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Is it possible to have a better alternative to the much preferred QWERTY keyboard which is offered across most popular gadgets and devices i.e. keyboards, mobile phones, phablets and tablets? Yes, the alternative exists and is designed to make your typing easier, comfortable and even efficient.

Dovark KeyboardCalled as the Dvorak Keyboard, this one has been designed for better speed and accuracy levels.  This keyboard was designed by a professor called Dr. August Dvorak Washington and his brother-in-law William L. Dealey in the 1930s.

Currently is used by one of the fastest typists in the world who has recorded a typing speed of 212 words per minute on the Dvorak Keyboard as against her personal record of 170 words per minutes on the QWERTY keyboard.

The layout of the alphabets on the Dvorak Keyboard ensures that both the hands are equally put to use which naturally increases the typing speed. The special letter arrangement makes it easier for you to remember their sequence. A glance at the keyboard highlights that vowels are placed on one side of the home row while the consonants are placed on the other side enabling alternate hand movement with equal ease.

A detailed look at it reveals the home row containing the most frequently used letters while the next most used letters are placed on the top row followed by the last row with least used letters. This placement indicates the extent of research and effort undertaken while designing the keyboard for enhanced use.

Pick up and Accuracy levels:
As per the trials conducted, practicing approximately 50 hours ensures decent typing speeds as against the similar speed acquired by typists using QWERTY keyboard which took them nearly 3 years to attain. At the same time, the accuracy levels greatly increased too.

Comfort in use:
Sore fingers, wrist and suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome are faced by regular typists who use the QEWRTY keyboard. By switching over to the Dvorak, your typing becomes comfortable and natural and gets more accurate and efficient. This is because the finger travel on a Dvorak keyboard accounts to just a mile or more as compared to 16-20 miles finger travel as measured by those who use the QWERTY keyboard.

So, the next time you wish to type faster and more accurately do check out the Dvorak Keyboard which is available online and free to use as well!!

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