Swipe Junior – A Smartphone For Your Smart Kid

Swipe Junior – A Smartphone For Your Smart Kid

Swipe Junior – A Smartphone For Your Smart Kid

by November 16, 2015
Swipe Junior Smartphone - Price, features and release date

In Psychology, there is a phenomenon known as the ‘Flynn effect’. According to this, each generation is more intelligent than the previous one…and if you see an adult and a 5 year old kid operate a tablet together, you will know that it is true! The fluid way, in which kids today are able to operate electronics, gadgets, and learn new technology, it leaves you in awe. Tapping into this tech- savvy group of users is the California based Swipe Technologies which has come up with a smartphone designed keeping in mind the younger generations.

Promoted as the world’s first smartphone for children, the Swipe Junior, as it is called, is available on all major e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. for an affordable price of Rs.5999. Launched on the occasion of Children’s Day in India, the Swipe Junior will be available in blue and pink colours.

swipe junior features

The Swipe Junior encompasses features that make it suitable for 5-15 year olds. Some people may frown upon parents who keep a check on the smartphone usage of their children, but in today’s time, it has become a valid safety issue. That’s why, Swipe Junior allows the parent to keep a check on the child’s contact list and screen the inappropriate ones out. You can also geo-track and geo-fence your child’s location, and assign ‘safe’ and ‘danger’ zones for them. If the child enters a zone marked as ‘danger’, the phone will instantly alert the parents.

swipe junior app control

Knowing how your child spends his or her time on the smartphone is important. The App Management System allows the parent to monitor the exact usage of the various apps on the phone. The parent can then allow or block apps as per their discretion.

swipe junior specs

Physical safety of children is one of the biggest concerns that parents face. To help with this, the Swipe Junior encompasses a one-step emergency SOS alert which will allow the child to call the emergency contact immediately.

swipe junior os

The Swipe Junior operates on a customized version of the Android KitKat which turns it into a user friendly interface. The 4.5” screen along with the 1.3 dual core processor and 3D graphic processor transports the kid to a world filled with possibilities and creativity!

swipe junior price

The various kid-friendly wallpapers add to the appeal of the Swipe Junior for kids. The smartphone also comes preloaded with apps that enthral the kids, and an interactive story book that will unleash the imagination of the child! The 2 MP rear camera and 0.3 MP front camera allows the child to capture all that interests him, and all that is special to her. The 1900mAh battery ensures that the child always has a way to keep his brain inspired.

Seeing the increasing misuse of smartphones by children, and the age inappropriate matter that they are exposed to via a smartphone, the Swipe Junior is a great product to keep the young ones’ minds stimulated without worrying about any safety issues.

Image Source: justswipe.com