Surface Book Vs MacBook Pro: Microsoft And Apple Go Head-To-Head, But Which 2016 Laptop Should You Invest In?

Surface Book Vs MacBook Pro: Microsoft And Apple Go Head-To-Head, But Which 2016 Laptop Should You Invest In?

Surface Book Vs MacBook Pro: Microsoft And Apple Go Head-To-Head, But Which 2016 Laptop Should You Invest In?

by October 31, 2016

Surface Book Vs MacBook Pro 2016

Microsoft announced its latest Surface Book a few days back that is the successor to their laptop line which was introduced in 2015. As if on cue, Apple immediately announced its newest MacBook Pro laptop and began what could potentially be a closely contested laptop battle.

surface book 2016 features


For the first time in probably a long, long while, Microsoft seems to be an inch ahead of Apple in terms of its product line-up. The phenomenal Surface Studio may have something to do with it. But even in the laptop game, Apple seems to have forgotten the true innovation that it stood for a couple of years back. It looks like they have gone the Samsung way in touting gimmicky bells and whistles as ‘innovation’.

apple macbook pro 2016 oled touch bar screenshots


Much like the edge display in the Samsung Galaxy S7, the new touch-sensitive OLED bar on the MacBook Pro seems like a weak attempt to set the laptop apart. Now don’t get us wrong, the new MacBook is in no way a bad device, it’s just that it is not a worthy addition to the Apple lineup in terms of new features that it brings to the table. It is still a great machine, but we just wish Apple had done something more. The substitution of all USB ports with Lightning ports (USB-C) makes it worse.

Let’s have a look at the specifications.

Surface Book Pro     

  • 6th Gen Intel Core i7

  • 8/16 GB DDR3 RAM

  • 13.5-inch display with 3000×2000 resolution

  • 256 GB/512 GB/1 TB and SSD Storage options

  • Windows 10

MacBook Pro

macbook pro 2016 performance


  • 6th Gen Intel Core i7

  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM

  • 15.4-inch display with 2880×1800 resolution

  • Touch Sensitive OLED control bar on keyboard

  • 256 GB/512 GB/1 TB/2 TB and SSD Storage options

  • MacOS Sierra

The new Surface Book from Microsoft has a lot going for it. Microsoft has retained the greatest feature of the previous generation, the full swivel touchscreen, which is also detachable. In a rare occurrence, the newer Surface Book’s screen completely overshadows the one on the MacBook due to its higher resolution and pixel density. Coupled with the convenience of USB ports, the Surface Book could inch ahead of the new MacBook Pro.

Final Verdict

surface book 2016 detachable screen


Both the MacBook Pro and the Surface Book are extremely attractive and powerful machines, and in the end, it comes down to personal preferences. Users familiar with Macintosh will probably want to continue that and go for the MacBook, while Windows users will find Windows 10 excellent and go for the Surface Book.

macbook pro 2016 features


Regarding usability, the Surface Book is the clear front-runner because of its swivelling touchscreen. It adds versatility to the laptop that is just missing in the MacBook Pro. Apple’s continued ignorance of a touchscreen laptop display is confounding, to say the least.

macbook pro 2016 oled touch bar


Both devices have a feature each that is unique; the OLED touch bar on the MacBook and the swivelling touchscreen on the Surface Book. It is up the consumers to decide which would be more useful to them.