Stop looking for a Valentine, get a Gadget instead

by February 13, 2016

We’ve all been in love, or had a crush, or have a friend who had a crush, and we all know how it ends. On rare occasions, they might go on to live the happily ever after fairy tale, but mostly it’s just tubs of ice-cream and tear soaked tissue papers. After a few experiences, we know better, however, the idea of having a partner and spending on valentines is too tempting. But we’re here to save you from the hassles of it. Happy Singles would agree it is better to invest in some incredible technology rather than finding a love bug to bite you. Gadgets never disappoint you, or even annoy you for that matter (sometimes they might).

Here are a few of them that could spoil you better this valentine’s season and sure enough to make you go…  ‘Who needs a valentine?’

  • Gaming consoles

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They’re awesome. You could be playing with for as long as you like and it won’t ask for gifts or get jealous about your ex. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day partner, you could be on it for the whole day, gadgets don’t really get exhausted anyway, nor have headaches. You could get yourself the Xbox or the PS 4 or both. The Xbox 360 comes with a 512 MB 1200 MHz GDDR3 whereas the PS 4 has 8 GB 5500MHz GDDR5 system memory. The PS4 has a 4K video support which the Xbox 360 fails to provide. The new Xbox one like the PS4 is equipped with a Bluetooth 2.1. You could buy the PS4 for a price of 32,000 INR only or the Xbox 360 for approximately 13,000 INR. We’re sure that lesser than what a diamond ring would cost.

  • Kindle

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A true reader knows exactly what we’re saying. It’s the best Valentine’s Day gift, for self! As you fall in love with different characters and find your Mr. Darcy or Romeo, you’ll realise this was the best choice you’d ever made! The Kindle Fire or the new Paperwhite are both available on Amazon. It comes with a glare-free touch screen and weighs just less than half a kilo. You can now carry your whole world around, and they’re not very clingy that way. When all your friends are busy running hither and thither to find a gift for their Valentine, you can peacefully immerse yourself into your world without any pokes demanding your attention. The Kindle Fire costs 8,000 INR only. PS: it doesn’t complain if you fall asleep while reading.

  • Speakers

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Music will always be good company, be it a lazy afternoon or a romantic evening. You can listen to any genre of music or even dance a little. Most of them have the option to connect through USB or you could just use an AUX cable. If you like it ‘no-strings-attached’ kinds then opt for some Wireless Bluetooth speakers like the Philips SBM 130. Available in black this grenade-shaped speaker is enough to blow your mind with some amazing music. They’re available for 1500 INR only.

  • Moto 360 Smartwatch

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This one will make sure you don’t miss having a nagging partner or maybe just a complimentary personal assistant too. Moto 360 looks beautiful and can receive voice commands too. You won’t be complaining about how they don’t listen to you anymore! You can use it to play music, connect it to your Wi-Fi and has a built in activity tracker too. You can find this one for approximately 19,999 INR. Dont forget, to compare it with iRist and Sony smartwatch 3. After all, it is always wise to pick your sweetheart smartly 😉

  • Big TV

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Well, since you’re single, instead of finding a partner and then having arguments about what to watch, you could just get a bigger TV. Like the Panasonic Full HD LED TV with a 55inch screen. It has a 1920x1080p resolution and a refresh rate of 100. Watch the game or your favourite movie, all by yourself. You won’t even have to go to the movies alone. Get this one home for 69,700 only! (PS: that’s less than 1/10th of your wedding budget)