Step By Step Guide To Download Videos From Youtube on Android

Step By Step Guide To Download Videos From Youtube on Android

Step By Step Guide To Download Videos From Youtube on Android

by March 19, 2020

When someone talks about video streaming, there is one website that comes to everyone’s mind immediately, and that is Youtube. Not only is Youtube the most popular video streaming platform of 2020, but it is also the most visited website in the world if you compare the number of users with other sites. It is even ahead of Wikipedia, which means when people need to know about something new these days, they visit Youtube directly. Some people use Youtube to listen to music, some use it to surf the clips of their favorite movies and TV shows, some use it for education, and others use it as an endless source of entertainment.  While surfing Youtube is a lot of fun, there must have been a moment for you where you liked a particular video so much that you wanted to download it on your phone. While the idea of saving your favorite videos on your phone sounds excellent, you cannot download videos from the phone directly. But that does not mean you cannot save your favorite video on your phone at all. You can use Savefrom free youtube downloader app that is not just easy to use, but it downloads videos for you in high quality. If you look for a Youtube downloader online, then you would find a lot of websites with spamming links, and a few apps that only download it in low quality. That is why you should consider using Savefrom. Let’s have a look at a step by step guide on how you can use Savefrom to download Youtube Videos quickly.

Step # 1

The first thing you need to do is visit the official website of Savefrom by clicking on the highlighted text above.


Step # 2

On the homepage, you can click on the install the app button, which will download the APK file of the video downloader directly on your phone storage.


Step # 3

Find the APK file in the download folder of your phone storage and click to install. Remember, if you have disabled the installation from the third party, then you will have to switch it on first from the settings menu.


Step # 4

When you open the app after installation, you will have to choose the platform from which you want to download the video, so click on Youtube.


Step # 5

You can browse the Youtube on the app and can select the video you want to download. Once you open the video, the app will show you the download sign in just a few seconds. And you can adjust the quality of the video by changing the quality of the video in the browser.


This is how you can download any Youtube video on your phone without any hassle. Savefrom does not only allow you to download videos from Youtube, but you can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo as well. Apart from it is free of any type of spamming, and you would not end up clicking on meaningless ads.