Spy Apps that help parents monitor their children

Spy Apps that help parents monitor their children

Spy Apps that help parents monitor their children

by September 19, 2014

Woman taking a cell phone from a boy (Sigrid Olsson/PhotoAlto)

Almost every kid on the street has a cell phone in their pocket. Some parents give their children access to smartphones in order to quickly get in touch with them and know their whereabouts. However, technology can easily backfire as children these days are tech savvy and can easily use new tricks to outwit their parents.
For years parents have been stressing out about what their child is doing on his or her cell phone. Parents try to sneak up on their children having a conversation over the phone or secretly go through their phone records when their children are not looking. Asking a lot of questions or grabbing their phone from their hand can only lead to unnecessary scuffles. That’s a lot of trouble to go to, especially when there is an easy solution to every parent’s worse nightmare.
Yes, it is necessary to monitor children’s use of their smartphones as they can easily become victims of internet addiction and cyber-bullying. With the number of apps that children are able to get access to through their smartphone they need to be guarded from sharing of sexually explicit content and pornographic sites. All of which could affect the child’s personal development. However, where some apps cause an issue others provide a solution to that very problem. Today more and more apps are developed to help parents monitor their children’s use of the smartphone more effectively.

Spy Apps:


You can easily download apps like eKAVACH which keeps you updated about all the information your child is being exposed to on their smartphone. Not only does it help you view the data but it also lets you set boundaries as to what your child has access to. If there is a problem with the content your child is viewing or the app finds a likely problematic message being shared through social media, eKAVACH notifies the parent immediately. The spy software, Snoopra is becoming very popular by paranoid parents. Your children won’t even know they are being watched when this software is on invisible mode. It takes only minutes to install this spy software and it will instantly reveal all the information being used on the phone.

If you find your child using an app you do not approve off you can instantly block it even when the phone is not in your hands. Now you will know who your children are calling or messaging, get complete record of their contacts, monitor videos and messages shared on numerous messaging apps. You can even browse through deleted emails and view images and video from your child’s smartphone. There are plenty of apps available on Google Play and the App Store through which you can easily spy on your kids. Most of them even come with GPS to locate your child’s whereabouts. This can prove to be a very useful feature and is one of the benefits of giving your child a smartphone.
There will be no more need to ask questions or grab their phone from their hands. You can relax when you have the sense of control and you know that your child is out of harm’s way. There are many more apps that help you monitor your child, you simply need to choose the app according to the functions you want.