Sony Xperia Z5 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Battle of the Big Guns

Sony Xperia Z5 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Battle of the Big Guns

Sony Xperia Z5 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Battle of the Big Guns

by September 6, 2015
Sony xperia z5 vs samsung galaxy s7

The year 2015 has been a huge success so far for one of the leading Tech companies in the world – Samsung. After the much success of its two flagship models, Samsung S6 and Samsung S6 Edge, the brand has been basking in the glory for a while now. While on the other hand, one of the closest and fiercest rivals of Samsung, Sony has not yet tasted the same success so far as it is still working on its latest flagship smartphone model, Xperia Z4 that is slated to be released later in September. There is one thing common about both the brands though, they are already planning to launch their next release, Galaxy S7 and Xperia Z5 and we at Compareraja want to give our readers a heads up on what to expect from both these future devices. We get down to head to head comparison of their features, prices and performance.

Display and Size

The Sony Xperia Z5 is speculated to sport a 5.5 inch screen with Super AMOLED display with a picture resolution of 4K. On the other hand S7 is reported to feature a 5.9 inch screen with 4K display. Earlier in the year, before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 the rumours were rife that the S6 model would have 4K display but it turned out that high expectations of the consumers came a cropper. So whether or not Samsung comes with a 4K display with its S7 models cannot be confirmed now.

Sony Xperia Z5

sony xperia z5

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Samsung Galaxy S7

samsung galaxy s7

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Processor and Performance

Both Sony and Samsung phones have been known for their powerful performance and high-end hardware specs and the upcoming Galaxy S7 and Xperia Z5 models are not immune to it. Rumours has it that Xperia Z5 is packed with a massive 3GHz Octa Core Processor, whereas, the Galaxy S7 is rumoured to have a slightly lesser processor, it is supposedly packed with 2.5 GHz Exynos 8 processor. Since these are only rumoured specs, it would be interesting to see if Samsung actually goes ahead with lesser processor than its competitor. Both these devices will feature 4GB DDR3 RAM and will come in three variants based on its memory capacity. Both the models will come 128GB, 64GB and 32GB options. Instead of speculating too much about which phone is better than the other, we suggest to take the new with a pinch of salt and wait till the actual release or official announcement from either brand to be sure about the actual specs.

3ghz octa core processor


When it comes to camera, Sony has always had a slight edge over Samsung. Xperia Z5 is reportedly packed with a massive 30MP HD camera that has the capacity to shoot 4K videos. On the other hand, the Galaxy S7 will feature a 21MP camera. Both the models will feature an 8MP front camera. It is quite evident that the Sony still retains its supremacy in offering superior camera.

android lollipop

OS (Operating System)

Both Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sony Xperia Z5 will run on Android v 5.1 Lollipop OS out of the box.


In terms of cost, Sony again seems have an edge over its rival. The Xperia Z5 is rumoured to be priced at $1100 USD, which is about Rs. 73,000. Whereas, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will cost a little higher up to Rs. $1300 USD, which is about Rs. 86, 371.

Final Verdict

Both the phones are premium class models and as seen above both these phones are going to have high-end specs but on the first looks, Sony looks to hold the advantage of over Samsung considering it has better camera, faster processor and lower price. It would be too early to count out Samsung as you may expect a pleasant surprise with Samsung packing in a processor at par with its final product.